Top 5 Best Virgin Hair Companies providing Wholesale price

Wearing wigs has been one of the most popular beauty trends in recent year. Therefore, more and more vendors selling wigs have sprung up to meet the needs of women. Wigs are sold in almost all areas in the world, but perhaps the most quality and beautiful hair wigs can be found in Asia, especially in Vietnam. However, not everyone knows where to buy reputable wigs with good quality. So in this article we will introduce you to the best virgin hair companies that are rated as the highest quality in Vietnam.

1.   Messi Hair – Vietnamese Human Hair Extensions

When it comes to the store that sells high quality human hair wigs, it is indispensable to mention Messi Hair. This is a brand of wigs made from 100% real human hair, manufactured with high technology, the quality of this vendor’s hair is guaranteed by international standards.
  • The hair chosen is 100% real hair type 1.
  • Through the processing process to ensure 100% antibacterial.
  • 100% real hair that is freely dyed without worrying about damaging your real hair.
  • Fix every defect of your hair in just 5 minutes.
  • Lifelike natural scalp seams machined by long-skilled craftsmen.
All Closure Textures made from Human Hair
Messi Hair also processes wigs from real hair according to their own order, you can order it according to the hairstyle and style you want.Messi Hair is considered one of the best virgin hair companies in Vietnam. The hair extensions of Messi Hair are evaluated by customers as smooth, silky and strong and have a lifespan of up to 5-7 years. Not only that, the outstanding advantage of Messi Hair hair extensions is that they can be freely dyed and styled while maintaining the original hair quality, not being damaged. Coming to Messi Hair, you can find yourself a wig that matches a variety of hairstyles and colors to confidently express your style.
Messi Hair is one of the best virgin hair companies in Vietnam
 At Messi Hair, there are 5 main product lines with designs suitable for all customers’ needs:
  • Bulk hair
  • Lace closure
  • Lace frontal
  • Hair extensions
  • Hair weave
With 10 years of operation, Messi Hair has received a lot of good feedback from customers thanks to the enthusiasm of the staff as well as the quality of hair. Coming to Messi Hair, you will be assured that the quality and service always put customer service first.If you are still wondering among the countless vendors selling wigs in Vietnam, do not hesitate to choose Messi Hair to own a quality wig!

2.   Anka Hair – Vietnamese Natural Human Hair

Anka Hair is the name chosen by most real hair wig customers because of its true nature, and is one of the three best virgin hair companies in Vietnam with Messi Hair and Layla Hair.Anka Hair is a wig shop made of 100% real hair with a full range of products: bulk hair, synthetic hair, weft hair, … and many more products.
Anka Hair – Vietnamese Natural Human Hair
 As one of the leading brands in the field of wigs in Vietnam because of its high quality, Anka Hair is a popular destination for many women, Anka Hair owns a variety of hairstyles. Male and female and young to middle-aged designs for customers spoiled for choice.

3.   Layla Hair

Layla Hair is one of the 5 best virgin hair companies that provides women with high quality wigs, is the ideal choice for beauty followers.Layla Hair specializes in wholesale and retail since 2015 of premium, beautiful fashion wigs such as full lace wigs, lace front wigs, human hair topper, … All types of items are stock, sold in large quantities. With small smooth hair, high elasticity, many colors for you to choose from, especially when it looks like 100% real hair, Layla Hair has won the trust of many customers during the past time.
Layla Hair specializes in wholesale and retail since 2015
Layla Hair is a reputable vendor, always ready to deliver nationally and internationally, meeting all customers’ needs no matter where you are.

4.   Oscar Hair

Oscar Hair is one of the most famous wig vendors in the wig market in Vietnam. Oscar Hair is loved by many young people who choose to find the wig suitable for their face and outfit.Oscar Hair owns a lot of fashionable, modern, beautiful and impressive hairstyles, suitable for all customers. Whether you are young or old, whatever your career, Oscar Hair has the right hairstyles for you.
Oscar Hair owns a lot of fashionable, modern, beautiful and impressive hairstyles
 In addition to wigs, this vendor also sells wig accessories that make women’s hair more beautiful and natural. Prices are always public on the Oscar Hair website so you can consult and choose.
  • Oscar Hair products:
  • Single drawn hair
  • Double drawn hair
  • Hair extensions
  • Closure and wigs

5.   Vietglobal Hair

With the desire to bring to modern women an easy hair beautìication solution, best virgin hair companies – Vietglobal Hair is the suitable choice for women aiming for natural beauty for its safety, convenience and cheapness. Like the other 4 vendors above, Vietglobal Hair’s  wigs are made from real hair.
Vietglobal Hair is safe, convenient and cheap
The hair product lines of Vietglobal Hair:
  • Bulk hair
  • Weft hair
  • Lace closure and frontal
  • Tape hair
  • Lace wigs

6.   Mic Hair

This is a high-quality real hair wig vendor with good quality in the market. Mic Hair Wigs are a long-standing real hair wig manufacturer for the international market. In particular, Mic Hair has a line of super scalp wigs with real hair that are considered exclusive on the market with sophisticated techniques to create realistic products.
Mic Hair Wigs are a long-standing real hair wig manufacturer for the international market
 With a full range of wigs made from real hair such as bulk hair, weave hair, closure, frontal, …, Mic Hair meets all the wig needs of customers. Mic Hair, with its long standing reputation, directly collects hair from the donor to ensure the quality, so the price is very affordable.

7.   Vietnam Remy Hair Company Limited

As the vendor selling all kinds of wigs made from real hair, Vietnam Remy Hair Company Limited has long experience and has served numerous customers. There are a variety of wigs that are categorized by quality and price to suit the customers’ requirements. The wigs of Vietnam Remy Hair Company Limited are of good quality, long-lasting, natural and not too glossy.Above are 5 best virgin hair companies in Vietnam. For more information, do not hesitate to contact usWhatsapp/Viber: +84973522855Email: messihairvn@gmail.comAddress: No. 10, Thang Long mainstreet, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam 
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