The Most Popular Lace Frontal Hairstyles For Women In 2021

What is a lace frontal wig?

Lace frontal wigs are premium wigs made from 100% real human and virgin hair or man-made hair with a lace cap made from high quality material. Lace frontal features a natural and realistic look because its design simulates the closest to real hair.

The feature of lace frontal is the lace cap: it is designed to fit your head completely, so it looks very natural when wearing. You can freely style using lace frontal, whether it’s tying hair or braiding, curling, stretching, dyeing, … without any worries about causing damage to the hair. The lace frontal hair is always silky and soft yet still very natural.

8 most popular lace frontal hairstyles in 2021

Every girl’s dream is to have long and flowing hair so that they can style with the hair whatever they want. That’s why wigs, especially lace frontal, have become a very popular accessory in recent years. If you intend to invest in a lace frontal, then surely you shouldn’t ignore our suggestion of 8 beautiful lace frontal styles that are on trend in 2021. We’re sure with these long trendy lace frontal, you will always stand out from the crowd and attract all glances.

Straight lace frontal

Sometimes simplicity is the class. Natural long straight hair is the most basic, yet never outdated, hairstyle. This hairstyle with natural straight stretch features shows an elegant charm for women.


Loose wave

This is probably the most trendy lace frontal hairstyles for women nowadays. This simple, light loose wave style brings the youthfulness and modernity to the wig wearers. This hairstyle can also transform any woman into a gorgeous look in everyone’s eyes. So if you are wondering what hairstyle to choose, do not miss this hairstyle.


Body wave

In the collection of the most beautiful lace frontal hairstyles in 2021, this body wave hairstyle is definitely indispensable. This delicate wavy lace frontal hairstyle will help wearers become more attractive. In particular, this hairstyle is suitable for people with an angular face shape and elegant look, and helps to highlight the sharp lines on the wearers. You can adorn your hair with recent trendy dyes such as smoky gray, brunette, sun-kissed hair, dark chocolate, …


Kinky curl

This is considered the most beautiful and outstanding long lace frontal hairstyle for women. Because curls from the hairline make the hair more voluminous and attractive. Especially suitable for girls with large face shapes. Because large curls will partially conceal your face, making your face look slimmer. This hairstyle also gives wearers a gentle, feminine yet youthful look. You should choose brown-toned hair colors such as chocolate brown, chestnut brown, smoke brown, … In addition, fashionable hair colors for kinky curl lace frontal hairstyles are also a great choice for girls who want to stand out.


Kinky straight

Kinky straight lace frontal hairstyle often gives women gentle, feminine features. And this is also the hairstyle that many celebrities have promoted in recent times. For this lace frontal hairstyle, you can also choose light hair colors to make your look even more impressive!


Deep wave

This never-outdated wavy hairstyle is suitable for all women. This lace frontal hairstyle will bring a femininity but no less unique personality to the wearer. If you associate with hot trend hair colors, you will be even more beautiful and outstanding. This hairstyle can make you change your look and renew yourself. If you are tired of boring old hairstyles, this is a great option that you should not ignore.


Natural wave

Thin, flat hair always makes girls feel inferior. So choosing a hairstyle that makes hair thicker and fluffy is what almost all women want. Natural wave lace frontal will make your hair thicker. Not only that, but it also brings elegance and charm to your appearance. However, please pay attention to the choice of hair color because the impressive hair colors will help you become more beautiful and stand out.


Deep curl

A great plus point when possessing long hair is that she easily hides the blemishes on the face. For square-faced girls/ women, you should have a long, beautiful hairstyle with deep curls. Deep curls will help harmonize facial contours. And you can combine with bangs to add a touch of tone like curled or thin bangs.


Where to buy reputable lace frontal?

You have thinning hair and wish for thicker hair, or your weak hair is susceptible to chemicals and you will immediately think of using a wig to overcome the above limitations.

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