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8 Perfect ways to protect your natural hair under a wig

Do you know how to protect hair under wig? Nowadays, wigs are getting more and more popular. Wearing wigs is a way for ladies to protect their hair and give them a sexy hairstyles. Wigs also help ladies to be trendy with the latest hairstyle without changing their natural hair. However, we often use wigs for a beautiful outlook but forget to take care of our natural one, which is important and essential to protect hair under wig. Here are some tips to protect hair underneath wigs that you should not ignore!

Protect hair under wig – Massage scalp

Tightly having a wig sit on our head can reduce the blood flow to our scalp. Therefore, you need to massage your scalp to both promote a healthy blood flow and encourage hair growth. Do this every time taking off your wig to overcome this drawback and protect hair under wig better.
Massage your scalp

Take off your wig before bedtime

When you go to bed with a wig on, it can cause hair breakages so we do not recommend this. By taking off your wig, you are giving a chance to breathe for your hair and your scalp and at the same time protect your natural hair.

Protect hair under wig – Wash your hair

The secret for healthy hair is to keep it clean. It’s extremely significant to wash your hair at least once per week even if you wear a wig daily. Sweat, dirt and dust can build up in a few days, so you need to ensure cleaning your hair before wearing a wig. This is a key to maintaining healthy hair that you need to know when using a wig!
Wash your hair at least once a week

Keep on having haircut

If you choose to wear a wig all day daily, you may suppose that it’s unnecessary to have a haircut. However, it’s still important to regularly trim your hair to remove split ends and damaged hair. Having a haircut makes your hair be healthy and grow better. In general, you should have your hair cut every 6 to 8 weeks!
Have your hair cut every 6 to 8 weeks

Avoid let hair damp

If you let your natural hair damp under your wig, it is both extremely uncomfortable and promote nasty bacteria grow. The moisture, body heat and warmth from the wig will create an environment for mildew and germs grow. Therefore, at all cost, you have to avoid this!

Protect hair under wig – Wearing wig cap

One of the greatest ways to protect your natural hair is wearing a wig cap. Though it’s optional, the cap plays a protective wall between the wig and your real hair. It is good at maintaining your hair under the wig. It’s such an effective and inexpensive way for you to protect your real hair!
Wearing wig cap

Braiding hair carefully

An easy way to keep your real hair untangled under a wig is to braid it. However, your natural hair will be weak if you regularly do this too tight and it will begin to damage your hair. So, do not braid your hair all time and make sure that you don’t braid it too tight.

Protect hair under wig – Moisturise and take breaks

Your hair will be dry after wearing a wig. To maintain healthy hair, you should use moisturisers, hair oils or treatments to restore moisture for your natural hair. Besides that, let your real hair relax in a few days to protect hair under wig when you have put the wig on for a long time. So that your hair can be provided with healthy air and sunshine to continue contributing a nice healthy hair. The most popular shampoos which are good for natural hair
Use moisturisers for your natural hair
See more on the proper way of wearing wigs on a daily basis All the above are the best ways to protect your natural hair under a wig. Hopefully you can get much useful information about how to keep your hair nice and healthy in the wig’s wearing process. If you have any questions, please contact us via the information below. Website: messihair.com Tel: (+84) 973.522.855 Email: [email protected] Address: Room 703, CT3B Building, Me Tri Thuong, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam
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