Versatility is one of the best things about wearing wigs. You are able to try on different hairstyles and colors without having to style your own natural hair. If you are running out of space to store new wigs meeting your needs, you can consider dying old ones. First, we need to figure out whether wigs can be colored since dyeing wigs is risky somehow.

1.   Dyeing wigs made from 100% human hair 

Human hair wigs are created by harvesting real natural hair from humans. Therefore, they are almost the same in nature as your own hair. In other words, human hair wigs can be dyed just like our natural hair. Once the wigs are dyed, it is much harder to bring them back to their original state. This is why you need to consider carefully before dyeing wigs. human-hair-wigs-can-be-dyed-easily-like-real-natural-hair

There are various ways in which a wig can be dyed, and each method requires different tools. What method to choose depends on the type of wig, its original color and also the color which you want to have. The two most common techniques for dyeing wigs made from 100% Human Hair are “watercoloring” the unit and brushing the dye on. The watercolor dyeing method is quicker and easier than others. The only thing you need to do is dipping your human hair wig into hot water and hair dye. On the other hand, applying color directly on the unit with dye brushes or hands is a more popular technique. This is the method which is used in dyeing human natural hair in salons. It gives you more control over which pieces of hair you color. However, the one and only disadvantage of this method is time-consuming. >>>Don’t miss out the Strongest Human Hair for wig making – can be bleached

2.   Dyeing  wigs – Synthetics wigs

Synthetic wigs are made from artificial fibers such as polyester, acrylic, polyvinyl, etc., which makes them even more difficult to dye. Synthetic wigs do not have the natural pigments like real human hair. This means that regular hair dye will not be able to work on this type of wigs. Also, the chemicals in these regular hair dyes are likely to damage the synthetic hair fibers. Therefore, fabric dyes are recommended since they are made for polyester and synthetic materials. Fabric-dyes-are-recommended-for-synthetic-wigs-dyeing

One more important information you need to keep in mind is that synthetic wigs cannot be bleached. This leads to the fact that whatever dye you are using has to be a darker color than the wigs you are dyeing. For example, you can dye a dark brown wig into black but not into light brown. Wigs in white, silver and pastel colors are usually the easiest one to dye. >>>How to distinguish Human Hair Wigs and Synthetics Wigs

3.   Conclusion

Dyeing wigs does not have to be complicated, it can even be fun to do. However, any wrong moves can compromise the quality of your wigs. For wig-wearers, wigs can be considered as an investment, so remember to color them with caution. Especially with synthetic wigs, we do not recommend dyeing this type of wigs despite the fact that the result can be rewarding. This is because the process of  dyeing wigs made from synthetics can be the risk of completely ruining it. Therefore, if you want to color synthetic wigs, it is strongly advised to use the cheap ones. In conclusion, whether or not you are dyeing wigs depends mainly on your needs and preferences. Once your wig is dyed, as we mentioned, it is nearly impossible to get them back in their original appearance. Therefore, you should carefully and seriously spend time considering before dyeing wigs.   We – Messi Hair, are proud to be one of the best wigs suppliers here in Vietnam. We provide customers with a wide choice of wig from types to colors. Please contact us via the below information if you have any request or for purchasing.
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