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Mink Brazilian hair

Everything you need to know about about mink Brazilian hair

Maybe you have heard that mink Brazilian hair extensions are good products. It’s totally true! It is a high quality wig made entirely from virgin Brazilian hair. Wig lovers are into Brazilian hair products. Do you know why they are so popular and loved by many people?

What is mink Brazilian hair?


Mink Brazilian hair means virgin hair taken from Brazilian donors. The term virgin hair refers to these hairs that have not been chemically treated. Even each mink Brazilian hair wig bundle is made of the hair taken from only one donor. Therefore, mink Brazilian hair products are of good quality: they bring a natural look, and their hair is in uniformity.

Mink Brazilian hair
Mink Brazilian hair

Bundles/ wigs made of mink Brazilian hair are quite expensive but in exchange, they have many outstanding features.

What are those outstanding features? Please find out below.

Brazilian hair and its superiority

Strong and smooth hair

Brazilian virgin hair products feature a natural look, strong and provide wonderful experience when we use it. Wouldn’t it be great if no one would find out you’re wearing a wig and think that you have beautiful hair?

Wig made from Brazilian hair feature strong and smooth hair
Wig made from Brazilian hair feature strong and smooth hair

The other special feature of a wig or bundle made from Brazilian hair is that they are comfortable to use. You can freely style, curl, stretch or dye it, yet the hair is still smooth and healthy. This hair type is virgin so it is strong enough to do some chemical treatments on. Therefore, mink Brazilian hair is still one of the best choices for wig lovers.

Diversity of texture and hair colors to choose

It depends on your preference. Whatever you want your wig to be, the wig vendor can make a customized wig according to your request. Hair of Brazilian people has always been known as one of the best in the world: it is strong, beautiful and smooth. Therefore, when being styled such as curling, dyeing, the hair will be still in good condition. Or you can order a virgin hair wig, and bring it to get your frequent hair salon to help you get the best hair style.

Currently, real hair wig products are constantly improving and developing to produce new hair models that catch up with the trend. So women are free to choose the wig product that is suitable for them such as: full head wig, hair bundles, ponytail bundles, front hair fringe bang wig, etc. These wigs are not only the perfect solution to hide your hair effects, but also give you a fresher look.


As mentioned, wigs made from natural hair can be cared for and styled just like your real hair. Therefore, with proper and careful care, your real hair wig can have a life span of 3 year or even 5 years.


It’s virgin hair which means it bears no chemicals, so will not irritate your skin. That’s why wigs made of real virgin hair become more and more popular as it’s very safe for users. You can wear a wig all day, work or participate in fun activities without feeling uncomfortable.

Some disadvantages of mink Brazilian hair

#1. High cost

The price of a mink Brazilian hair wig is often much more expensive than a wig made from synthetic fibers or other real hair with lower quality.

#2. Easily affected by the weather

Like our real hair, human hair wigs are easily affected by the weather such as being tangled or dry when the weather is dry.

#3. Difficult to take care of

With the same properties as real human hair, to take care of this wig, you need to pay close attention to each stage such as washing your hair or moisturizing regularly. Along with changing and styling your hair, you need to take care of your hair so that your wig doesn’t get damaged.

What do you need to do before buying mink Brazilian hair?

#1. Consider length

It is undeniable that the shorter the hair, the easier it is to take care of. For a wig, you should choose lengths slightly longer than your real hair to ensure the wig can cover your real hair. For hair bundles, you should consider the suitable length and thickness so that you won’t feel uncomfortable when using it.

#2. Learn your own style

In fact, styling wigs often takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, you should learn about the style you are pursuing so that you can find the right hairstyle for you first. During use, you can completely change your hairstyle or ask a hairstylist.

#3. Choose the right hair color

There are many girls who feel comfortable when the color of the wig can be harmoniously combined with their natural hair color, so please learn about your hair color before ordering. However, you can also find hair colors that are lighter or warmer than your natural hair color.

How to care for wigs made from real hair at home

It can be seen that because it is derived from natural hair, wigs made from human hair are completely capable of tangling and breaking like human hair. Therefore, wigs made from human hair must be carefully cared for to maintain the original beauty.

How to care for mink Brazilian hair wig at home
How to care for mink Brazilian hair wig at home

One of the issues that many customers have is how to care and preserve the wig so that its hair is always as beautiful as new. The durability of the wig will even depend on how you use it, so you need to immediately note the following notes.

  • Clean wig regularly: after 2-3 times of use, you must wash it with specialized shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair clean, fragrant, and avoid bacteria.
  • After washing the wig, do not rub it in a towel, but gently absorb it so that the hair does not get tangled. A hair dryer can be used to dry the hair.
  • With wigs made from curly real hair, do not stretch your hair when combing, because doing this will result in losing the structure of the hair.
  • Regularly use a hairspray specifically for wigs to replenish nutrients, keeping the hairs smooth and natural.
  • After each use, put your wig in a plastic bag, squeeze out the air so that the hair does not become frizzy or tangled due to it.

With the above information, we really hope that you can keep your wig durable and staying smooth.

That’s all you need to know about mink Brazilian hair before you buy products made from it. Hopefully you will find the right wig for you! Thank you for reading our article.

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