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How are wigs made with 5 steps?

Nowadays, wigs are worn daily by many people of both genders. In fact, not many of them actually know how “the things they are wearing everyday” are created. In today’s article, Messi Hair will provide you with the most basic knowledge about wigs which is “How are wigs made?” >>>What are benefits of wearing a wig?

1.   STEP 1: Form the wig base

The very first step in the process of wig making is to form a wig base. A mannequin is a must-have element throughout this process. A ribbon is lined around the mannequin’s head, which mimics the real hairline of a human. Then, the makers lay the foundation over this ribbon, which can be made of either net, lace or cotton. These materials are available in different colors and styles. Among them, flesh-colored is the most common one since it offers the least visible distinction between human scalp and the wig.
Wig in some base

2.   STEP 2: Choose the right hair to answer “How are wigs made”

For many years, Messi Hair has been receiving the same question from customers which is “Where does the hair come from?”. Here is the answer! As many of you may have already known, wigs are divided into 2 main types which are human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. Obviously, the human hair type is created by harvesting from real human hair; and, the synthetic type is made from artificial fibers. In addition, few manufacturers collect the hair of some animals such as goats, yaks and rabbits to produce wigs. You do not have to worry, because these animals are not harmed within this process. choose-the-hair-for-how-wigs-are-made After collecting all the necessary materials, the wig makers will choose the hair based on the length, color, style and thickness also. >>>100% Human Hair for wig making you shouldn’t miss

3.   STEP 3: Prepare the hair 

Once the hair has been chosen, it is pulled through a bed of upraised nails which is called “hackle”. This tool will help to remove tangles or broken strands of the chosen hair. Then, it is sorted by length and put together in groups. These hair is, of course, cleaned carefully before being put to use. Lastly, they are placed between drawing mats in order to keep them straight. If this process is done by hands, it is extremely labor-intensive. However, handmade wigs can preserve the cuticles and provide customers with the most natural-looking outcome.

4.   STEP 4: Find out the final answer for: “How are wigs made?”

When it comes to wig making, we always have to start with a ventilating needle. These ventilating needles have many different sizes for the makers to choose. Which size to choose depends mainly on the amount of strands the makers want in each knot. In other words, it is based on how full or flat they want the wigs to be. A larger needle will help to provide more strands, and vice versa. start-with-a-ventilating-needle

Now, let’s get to the real work, starting at the neck area. The hair is folded in roots to make a loop, then it is taken through the lace and tied at each individual lace stitching. This is why we consider this process as time-consuming if done by hands. Wig makers can use either a single or double knot and always ensure that the hair is tense at the bottoms. It is started from the bottoms and sides, then moved inwards. The “apex” of the wig or we can say “the finishing point” of this whole process is making the swirl and parting.

5.   STEP 5: How are the wigs treated after being made?

Despite all the initial care, every head of hair comes in rough and scraggly when being grown for the first time. Therefore, it is time to clean them up! Before being sold to customers, the wig is wetted and left to air-dry. Then, the manufacturers will give the wigs some hairstyles such as straight or curly. Finally, it is ready to be worn by you.   Now, you have found the answer for the question “how are wigs made”. Visit our blog to learn more useful information related to wigs. If you have any further questions or requests, keep in touch with us via the information below.
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