4 Useful tips to choose the right wig for you

“How to choose a suitable wig?” is a common question, especially for those who are new to the wig world. If you are also struggling to find yourself an answer, don’t worry – let Messi Hair help you out! Below are some useful tips on how to choose the right wig.

1.   Sizes of wig cap – Decide whether the wig is right for you

Wig cap size is one of the most important elements you need to make a decision on which is right wig. If your wig is too loose or too tight, you are likely to experience discomfort. Also, your hair will not look as natural as you want it to be. Wig caps in average size fit well with most adults, but it is worth taking your own measurements to ensure that you find the perfect one. You will need a tape measure to complete this process, and remember to start from the front of your hairline. First, wrap the tape measure behind one of your ears and bring it to the nape of your neck. Then, continue to enfold it behind the other ear and back to the front of your hairline. You should redo this measurement two or three times in order to make sure that your data is accurate. With your own measurements, now you are able to select yourself a right wig cap size. cap-size-chart-for-a-right-wig

In case you are still not so sure about which wig cap size is yours, we suggest that you should buy wigs with adjustable Velcro straps. These wigs allow you to tighten or loosen the size up to an inch if needed.

2.   The materials from which the wig is made

If you are new to wig wearing, you may be overwhelmed with the diversity of this world. In fact, there are only two methods in which those wigs are created. From this point, wigs are divided into two types which are human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. Human hair wigs are made by harvesting real natural hair from humans. While synthetic wigs are mainly created from artificial fibers. Each of these two types has its own pros and cons. Please view our article: “Distinguish the most two popular wig types” for more related information.

3.   Specific types of wig

Wig type is another vital thing that you need to make a decision on within the process of choosing the right wig. There are various kinds of wig such as full lace, lace front, hand-tied, etc. Whatever wig type you select depends mainly on your preferences. Don’t hesitate to join Messi Hair and “Learn more about different types of wigs and hairpieces”.

4.   The right wig colors

Do you know why wig color is important and needed to be mentioned? Apart from the two elements above, the color of your hair will help to deliver your characteristics to others. Obviously, you do not want a barrier which separates your real hair with the wig. Therefore, you should choose a color which matches closely with your current natural hair. A subtle changing in color will make your transition to wig wearing easier. the-diversity-in-wig-color

Another common tip when choosing the color for your hair is to consider your skin tone. The shade and tone of a specific hair color will suit some skin tones better than the others. A perfect color not only provides you with a natural hair look, but also helps you feel outstanding and confident in your wig. There are 2 types of colors which are popupar. One is Asian Color, the other is Europe/Russia Color asian-color-chart   europe-color-chart Now you know how to choose the right wig for yourself. You should make sure that you have already considered each of those above aspects. It will help you to feel a lot more comfortable in your new fabulous hair look.   Visit our blog to find down more useful advice on  how to choose right wig. If you have any further questions or requests, keep in touch with us via the information below.
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