You must have wondered that how to fix a tangled wig many times before. Have you found the key yet? Today, people use wigs as a beauty tool. If your hair is bald, thin or you simply don’t like it, a wig will please you. It both helps you become more confident, and feels more satisfied. However, wigs also contain many disadvantages. Hair that is not smooth or does not fit your head are some examples. But the thing that makes us most uncomfortable is a tangled wig. So, what should we do to solve that problem? Let’s find out the answers for: “How to fix a tangled wig?”. how-to-fix-a-tangled-wig

The reason why wig gets tangled

In the wig’s using process, there are many reasons that make our wigs get tangled. The first reason is not using the correct comb for the wigs. The second one is not using hair care spray for it. Last but not least, we do not know how to preserve wigs after wearing. They are the three main reasons that make our wigs tangled. Therefore, we need to know how to fix a tangled wig. the-correct-comb-for-the-wigs

How to fix a tangled wig?

Tools we need to untangle wigs

In order to untangle wigs, we need to have combs and hair care spray. The wig’s combs are designed with sparse teeth combs, which are suitable to untangle the wigs without causing damage or hair loss. Using a specialized comb will make the brushing hair process easier, no hair loss, and support untangle quicklier. The wig’s hair care spray is also a specialized product. It makes the wigs softer and smoother so we can easily remove it. So, how to fix a tangled wig with these two tools? tools-to-untangle-wigs

How to fix a tangled wig step by step

There is nothing difficult to untangle a wig. We just need to do these following simple steps. Firstly, we need to determine where the tangles are. If we can not identify the tangles, it will be more tangled when we brush our hair! Secondly, we should spray the wig’s hair care on the tangles. The rule to do that is where the wigs get tangled, we will spray on to make it softer and smoother. After that, we will use a specialized comb to slowly brush and untangle it. And the last step is to spray the wigs with the hair care. When we have finished untangling it, we will spray the hair care to the wig. After that, we should hang it on to keep the wig’s form for the next time. However, we need to pay attention to two things. Firstly, ”Do not untangle the wigs when it is wet” because we will have difficulty in finding the tangles. If we brush the wet wigs uncarefully, it may be damaged. Eventually, we cannot use it anymore. Secondly, with those curly wigs, we should brush the top part only. With the below part, we use our hands and gently twist it clockwise to keep the curl of the wig.

How to preserve the wigs?

If we can preserve the wigs well, we will no longer need to know how to fix a tangled wig. A wig can be used from 6 months to 1 year, but it can be used longer if we take care of it in the correct way. After each time of wearing, we need to both clean and preserve the wigs. To keep the wigs in a good form, we should spray the hair care and brush it. Next, roll the end of the wig up, store it with the specialized net and tie it tightly with the nylon bag or just hang it on to keep the form of the wigs. ways-to-preserve-wigs

With those tips, we can easily preserve our wigs. We will not need to untangle the wigs anymore.   Through this post, Messi Hair hopes that all of you have known how to fix a tangled wig. So, you can easily untangle your wig and beauty yourself with it whenever you want. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the information below. We will try our best to help you out.
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