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HAIRCARE: How to take care of your hair after bleaching?

Breakage, frizz, and dryness are among the conditions that you may have to experience after bleaching your hair. You need to take care of your hair properly after this coloring process, so that you will not have to suffer from these problems. Together with Messi Hair, let’s learn how to take care of your bleached hair correctly.
>>You should know these thing before bleaching hair
Things to know before bleaching your hair

1.   Treat your hair with oil after bleaching

One of the vital things that you need to do with bleached hair is to treat it with oil. These oil treatments will help to keep your hair moisturized, hydrated and shiny. Please have a look at the below products which we highly recommend for you.
  • Olive oil: Have you known that just a little olive oil can give your hair some life? Simply use a couple drops at a time to apply the oil with your fingertips. Also, remember to focus on the ends in order to reduce the risk of having split ends.
  • Coconut oil: Coconut oil helps to seal your hair and prevent protein loss. Take out a few drops of coconut oil, then rub it together between your palms to warm up. Finally, apply it to the dry, frizzy spots and the ends of your hair.
Apply oil to your hair
  • Argan oil: Argan oil is claimed to be rich in antioxidants, which helps you protect your hair from damages. Also, the purpose of using this oil is to seal in moisture and add shine to your bleached hair. If you get used to styling your hair, you can apply a few drops of argan oil after this process.
  • Almond oil: After bleaching, your hair is prone to breakage due to the impact of hair dyes. Almond oil includes much proteins and vitamin E, which can bind to your strands and make it stronger. You should apply the oil onto your strands daily before rushing out the door.

2.   Apply leave-in conditioner

Conditioner has become more and more familiar to many people nowadays. It can be considered as a part of our hair care routine because of its advantages. Leave-in conditioner can help you revive your bleach-damaged hair. Some of these products are thick, and you can apply them directly to your hair during shower. Others are designed with simple spray-on formulas which you can use before heading out for the day. Whichever you choose depends mainly on your preferences. One advice from us is that you should for those leave-in conditioners which advertise moisturizing and keratin-building effects.

3.   Avoid using heat styling tools

Avoid using heat styling tools
Right after the bleaching process, your hair possibly has to suffer from being dry and vulnerable. Therefore, you must avoid using heat styling tools so as to keep your hair strong and shiny. In case you have to blow-dry, curl or straighten your hair frequently due to personal needs, you should cut back on how often you use those tools. Otherwise, your hair will be seriously damaged under the effects of temperature from electrical styling appliances.

4.   Use purple shampoo after bleaching

Purple shampoo is a lifesaver for bleached or dyed hair. It does not have a long effect as toners, but the right purple shampoo can save you a larger amount of money from salon trips. It can be considered as a perfect at-home treatment for toning hair and preventing your hair color from fading. To be more specific, after bleaching, your hair color may become brassy over time owing to hair washes, chlorine and even UV rays from the sun. Purple shampoo as well as conditioner help to maintain your hair color for periods of time.   Despite all efforts of caring, there is no way to ensure that your hair will not be damaged by the chemicals after bleaching. If you want to change your hair look sometimes without any commitments, try on a wig!   Messi Hair is proud to be one of the best wig suppliers here in Vietnam. Visit us via the below information to view our products’ details.
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