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Just like your real hair, your wigs need to be washed frequently and properly. To avoid damaging the strands and fibers, it is essential to use the right shampooing methods for each wig type. In today’s article, Messi Hair will provide you with the guideline on how to wash a wig
How to wash a wig properly

1.   How to wash a wig made from 100% Human hair

Human hair wigs are often extremely expensive owing to the fact that they are created from real natural hair. Therefore, it is vital to learn how to wash and maintain a human hair wig in the correct way.  Same as your natural hair, human hair wigs need to be washed and taken care of frequently, so that its lifespan can be prolonged. When shampooing human hair wigs, you need to be extra careful in order not to ruin your expensive beloved wigs.
How to wash a human hair wig
First of all, gently comb out the ends by using a wide tooth brush. Once you have finished taking care of the knots, work you way up to the roots until you can run the comb through without snagging. Next, prepare a sink with cold water and stir in one small spoon of specialized shampoo for wigs. Then, turn your human hair wig inside out and place it in the cold water. Press down the strands to make sure that the entire wig is submerged. Gently swirl your wig in the cold water to distribute the specialized shampoo evenly throughout the strands. Now, leave the wig soaking for around 5 minutes in the sink. After 5 minutes waiting, get rid of all the shampoo residue by rinsing the wig with cold water. In addition, if you want to keep your wig smooth and shiny, you can apply leave-in conditioners on it. It is pretty simple as well. Just drizzle a little conditioner onto the wig, then gently comb through it with your fingers. Remember to rinse the wig carefully after this process. Lastly, leave it dry and it is ready for you to wear.

2.   How to wash a wig made from synthetics

Compared to the human hair wig type, how to wash a synthetic wig is not really different or complicated. How often you should wash your wig depends mainly on how frequent you wear it. Normally, a synthetic wig should be cleaned every 4 to 6 weeks, of after being worn about 30 times.
How to wash a synthetic wig
Like human hair wigs, you need to detangle your synthetic wigs first. Use a wire wig comb to brush out any kinks and knots. You should not use non-wire brushes since the bristles can damage the artificial fibers of your synthetic wig. You need to make sure that you start from the ends and work upwards to the roots of the wigs. Once you have done removing all the kinks and knots, soak the wig in a sink full of cold water, a teaspoon of baking soda and a few drops of specialized shampoo. Gently swish your wig around the cold water for about a minute, so as to thoroughly saturate the fibers. Then, rinse your synthetic wig under cool running water and remember to squeeze out all the excess water. Last but not least, place your wig on a dry, clean towel. In order to keep it moisturized and smooth, spray the wig with a specially formulated conditioner. After that, secure it onto a wig headstand and wait for it to dry in about 30 to 40 minutes. We believe that some of you are expert in how to wash a wig. However, have you known how to distinguish human hair wig and synthetics wigs. Read the articles below >>>How to differentiate human hair wig and synthetics wig???

3.   Conclusion

No matter what your reasons for wearing wigs are, proper care is extremely important for your wigs. Knowing how to wash a wig properly will definitely help to keep it new, gorgeous and shiny. Messi Hair hopes that the information within this article benefits you in taking care for your wigs.   Please view Our blog for more useful tips and guidelines related to wigs. Also, please feel free to contact us via the information below if you have any further questions or requests.
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