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Maintaining dyed hair – Tips to avoid your hair color from fading

Maintaining dyed hair is nothing difficult when you follow these tips. Let’s find out what they are! After dyeing their hair, most of the girls felt their hair was frayed, less shiny than before. The reason is not because of the dye, but it is owing to the fact that you have not taken proper care of your dyed hair. If so, your hair will be dried and difficult to style. In order to prevent that, here are some very useful tips that you should not ignore.

Maintaining dyed hair – Do not wash your hair immediately after dyeing

Any type of dye takes from 7 to 10 hours to penetrate to the hair fully. Therefore, the most reasonable time to wash your hair is from 12 to 24 hours after dyeing so as to preserve the color of your hair. Besides, you should use shampoos extracted from nature to keep maintaining dyed hair for a long time as well as get the strongest hair.

Use a separate shampoo for dyed hair

Shampoos designed specifically for dyed hair will contain the right formulas, both protecting hair from fibers and split ends, and helping to keep hair color longer. High-end brands such as L’Oreal, Schwarzkopf or more commonly known as Sunsilk, Dove… all have shampoo and conditioner dedicated to dyed hair. Currently, the demand for hair dye is increasing. Brands have launched many lines of shampoo for dyed hair to prevent fading hair’s color. Why don’t you use these shampoos to keep your hair color longer!
Shampoos dyed hair

Wash your hair with cold water

Some people think that washing hair with hot water will be good for blood circulation, but this is one of the reasons why the hair roots expand and the color fades faster. Instead, wash your hair with warm water and then rinse it with cold water, which will help your hair shine and your color lasts longer. This is a useful tip in maintaining dyed hair used widely, don’t skip it!
Washing hair with cold water

Maintaining dyed hair – Reduce your use of a hair dryer

It’s best to let your hair dry naturally, or let it dry with a fan. You should use a dryer to dry your hair as little as possible. If it is necessary to use a dryer, keep at its lowest temperature and never keep too close to your hair and scalp. Because when using the dryer regularly and at high temperatures, the hair color will oxidize and dull.

Protect your hair from the sun

Anyone who has curled, dyed, and straightened hair has made hair weaker than it originally was. It will be difficult for hair to resist the UV rays in the sun. So if you want long-lasting hair color, you should shield it from the sun by wearing a hat, scarf … to have durable hair.
Maintaining Dye Hair – Protect hair from the sun

Maintaining dyed hair – Supply hair nourishing foods

Hair is also made up of cells so a good nutrition helps hair be healthy and long-lasting. So you should add foods that are good for your hair such as bananas, dairy products, fish, cereals, carrots, eggs, green vegetables… These kinds of food will keep maintaining dyed hair. Beside, add these foods to your daily menu to not only have healthy, long-lasting beautiful hair, but also have a healthy body.
Food for a healthy hair
  All the above are the tips maintaining dyed hair that we want to show you. We hope that they are useful with you and you can keep your dyed hair from fading. >>> 9 Natural ingredients to have silky hair at your home If you have any questions, please contact us via the information below.
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