How many types of hair extensions are there nowadays?

Hair extensions are like a miraculous “transformation” to transform short hair into long beautiful hair  that is very popular with women. Let’s explore what hair extensions are and types of hair extensions are there nowadays.

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions is the beauty method that has made a trend in recent years. This helps overcome short or thin hair. You can completely achieve a longer and smoother long hair thanks to this technique.
Types of hair extensions
This is a technique of joining groups of artificial hairs (or real hair) into your real hair using the binding materials to create new hair layers. To be able to apply hair extensions, it requires real hair to have a minimum length of 10cm and a relative thickness to be able to cover joints.

6 types of hair extensions

Types of hair extensions – Extend with a lead clip

The first extension in the list of styles that she can apply to “molt” her hair is using a lead clip. A lead clip is linking the real hair and the wig together with a lead-metal connection. This type of connection is used very commonly, but it is relatively heavy, so it is best only for those who frequently change hairstyles or want to highlight hair extensions.
Hair extend with a lead clip
=>>> Most popular keratin – types of  hair extensions in 2021 The advantage of the lead-length hair extension is that it is very durable, and can be easily removed without any damage when it needs to be edited. The downside is… very headstrong when you have to put on a dozen pencils!

Extend with glue

Extending hair with glue is similar to hair extensions with lead clips, but the only difference is the joint. This method uses a glue joint made from turpentine or beeswax. This type requires the owner to know how to take care of it carefully. Moreover, the life of the joint is also relatively low, so it is not used for girls who intend to apply this method for a long time. The advantage of glue hair extensions is invisible, light-headed, sleepless and do not annoy like using a lead clip. The glue used for hair extensions is almost the same as the eyelash glue, so you still have to repeat glue to ensure thickness after a while.

Types of hair extensions – Extend by weaving

Connecting hair by braiding is to create a bond for the “real” and “fake” directly together. The connection is a braid that is braided from two hair sections. So that is very safe for your hair. This is a beautiful hairstyle that is quite ideal for many girls because the term is quite soft and does not cause pain or any trouble for the scalp. However, this style still has a downside. It is very time consuming to do, easy to break braids and to mess when combing. Obviously, the cost is of course more expensive than other types because it’s more complicated!
Hair extend by weaving

Hair extensions by wax

Instead of a lead or glue joint, the mechanic uses wax to connect the hair. With this type of connection, girls can choose for themselves because of the high level of safety and reasonable cost. Girls with damaged, dry hair don’t have to worry about damaging your hair.
Hair extend by wax
Note, this type of connection should not steam oil and heat on the hair because it is easy to melt the wax.

Hair extensions with Fiberglass

Fiberglass junctions can withstand hot, cold or even comfortable water immersion! Is the trend of modern and the most popular hair lengthening today. FiberGlass (fiberglass) has the property of super light and super durable, high elasticity, so you get natural swelling. Another reason why the beauty with FiberGlass has won a lot of love from the beautician association is that it can completely overcome the disadvantages of the previous joints. Furthermore, hair care is also very easy. When in need of repair, joints can be easily removed quickly without damaging the “real goods”.

Types of hair extensions – Extend with Elastic Silk yarn

This type has the same strength and lightness as FiberGlass, but the method using Elastic Silk has an excellent ability to withstand the effects of heat and chemicals. Therefore, the girls can delight in choosing beautiful hair styles as well as dyed hair colors according to their preferences.
Hair extend by Elastic Silky yarn
=>>> See more convenient and famous types of hair extension in 2021 With full information about the above beautiful types of hair extensions, you can choose the one that best suits you. If you have any questions, please contact us via the information below. Website: Tel: (+84) 973.522.855 Email: [email protected] Address: Room 703, CT3B Building, Me Tri Thuong, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam
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