How To Start Human Hair Business – Hair Bundles For Sale – Find An Excellent Supplier

Have you known that having a reliable of hair bundles for sale can make you earn money in hair business?

The dynamism of today’s students has been proven through many inspirational successful startup stories. With the flexible schedule at the university, many students want to take advantage of their free time to start a small small business, get some extra money in their pockets, and be able to learn and experience many things before graduating.

There are a lot of ideas for active students to think about

However, passion for business is not all. First of all, you have to choose which business ideas are effective for student. With the explosive growth of the Internet, a lot of business ideas for online students have emerged.

Currently, young people are always looking for unique and distinctive products which earn them lots  of money. Among the business ideas, the wig business is currently being interested by many students.

How much can you earn from hair business?

So, if you haven’t had any idea about start a business of hair bundles for sale, let Messi Hair give you the ultimate guide to start human hair wig business for students.


Do some research about people’s needs and current market

Like doing a Math exercise, before starting something, we need to research carefully about all the little details the exercise gives us. In this case, what details we need to find out and what will they help you in your startup business?

First, start with yourself:

  • What do you have?
  • What can you do?
  • Who will be with you in this business or you will do it alone?

Then, see how the situation in the current market:

  • Who is your target customer? Who will buy your hair bundles?
  • Where can you find your customers?
  • How do you approach them (Online/ Offline)? Which marketing channels to invest your time and resources in?
  • How to approach them effectively?
Do a research about people’s needs and current market

Hair bundles for sale: How to make profits from what you’re selling

To make money, you have to build your reputation in your field: why customers should buy your products and why should they buy from you again and again?

Build a strategic plan for your business based on your customers’ needs and hobbies. Firstly, you have to find them. The best free way to look for and approach them is the internet. Create a website, social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, …

Then, you should create uniqueness for your products. For example, your customers are women from 25 – 35 years old who wants to wear hair bundles or wig to shine their beauty, change their appearance when they come to an event, … establish a combo service which help them achieve their needs the best. You can cooperate with a makeup artist to make a combo of “full head transform” so your products will be more attractive to them.

You have to be unique in your business. That is the key to be successful

Choose a good supplier for long-term cooperation

For startup students, it is extremely important to find the supply of large quantities and wholesale prices. The hair bundles for sale that your vendor supply should be permanent, not seasonal.

Once you have identified your business product with certainty, you can easily localize and find a market that offers the right product. Today, when you are looking for a supplier in the market, you do not have to go to wholesale market or the factory yourself. You absolutely can stay at home, with a smartphone or laptop, you can find yourself a supplier providing quality, prestige, and cheap products.

The more diverse your good types are, the more options your customers will have. That means you will reach more customers when your goods are diverse. If importing in bulk, you can even order on request such as hairstyle and length.

There are 3 ways for you to import goods:

Get the goods directly

You can get the goods directly if the supplier is near you. With this way of importing, although the cost of purchasing the product is significantly reduced, the costs incurred such as travel, immigration, and accommodation abroad are often very high. At the same time, it also takes time and does not guarantee safety of the goods during transportation. Therefore, usually only experienced traders who tend to import a large quantity of goods per will choose this option.

Order through intermediaries

For countries near or convenient for you to travel, picking up goods directly is not a bad choice. But for remote countries or areas, you should find ways to contact close acquaintances living there. However, to find the right intermediary for your target audience and ensure the supply of goods is not easy for many small businesses.

Order online

This method is chosen by the small business because they do not have to go directly to the supplier’s location and be able to choose a variety of goods at low prices. With some famous sites such as Alibaba, Taobao, Tmail (China), Amazon, Ebay (USA), Gmarket (Korea) …, you can completely order the goods directly from their factories.

Online ordering has outstanding advantages compared to the 2 aforementioned methods: it saves time and money. However, ordering online is also quite risky for students because purchasing products without seeing them with your very eyes is difficult to verify the quality and actual product you receive. If you are not experienced in evaluating the supplier or deciding yourself a safe method of payment and transportation, you must always be ready to face these possible risks.

Messi Hair – leading hair bundles for sale supplier in Vietnam

Messi Hair was established 10 years ago and has successfully cooperated with more than 20 strategic partners in many countries to distribute and retail hair bundles for sale … Therefore, Messi Hair is considered one of the supplier offering quality wigs at affordable prices. Customers can easily order online from our website, or can go directly to the address specified by Messi Hair.


Messi Hair affirms its name not only through its commitment to product quality but also through professionalism in customer care. If you have a small or relatively capitalized wig business in mind, cooperating with a company that exports hair bundles for sale and wigs like Messi Hair will be a big advantage.

For example, Messi Hair is willing to make transparent documents and legal documents related to the product such as: inspection, quality announcement, bar code, … and make a copy (if necessary). We are also willing to support cheap delivery. Becoming our partner, you will also have the right to use the original articles, information, pictures or videos about the products (if necessary) for sale.

Do not hesitate to contact us to have more informations and get chance of LUCKY CUSTOMER to get big discount for the first order

Email: [email protected]

Whatsapp/Viber: +84973522855

Address: No. 10, Thang Long Mainstreet, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam

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