The best caring routine for the best quality of your wig

Today’s wigs have become the savior for thin-haired girls or girls who want to change their hairstyles to another style without the risk of cutting their real hair. The quality of wigs go together with a pretty high price today. Therefore, taking care of them is extremely important for long-term use. The best caring routine for the best quality of your wig. Have you grasped a proper wig routine care? Let’s refer to the article below to understand more about that care process!

Wig routine – Cleaning it

Just like your real hair, wigs need to be cleaned regularly. After using, you should wash your wig cleanly by following these steps:
  • Put a moderate amount of shampoo in a basin of water, dissolve then soak the wig. Use the fingertips to gently massage the wig in direct contact with the scalp, face because during use, hair may be sticky with sweat or your cosmetics. For super scalp wigs, you should thoroughly clean the scalp part of the wig because it is the place in direct contact with your real scalp.
  • Rinse the wig thoroughly then soak it in a tub of water dissolved with conditioner. The use of conditioner makes the wig smoother and softer.
  • After rinsing, use a dry towel to gently absorb the water, then hang it to let hair dry.
Wig routine – Steps to wash your wig
Note that you should hang your hair to dry naturally, not use a dryer. Excessive and prolonged application of heat on the wig will easily damage the hair.

Use hair care spray for your wig

If you think that your wig does not need to be maintained, and the hair is the same as it was when you first bought it, you are probably wrong. Wigs also need regular maintenance to ensure shine, softness, and avoid drying and frizz. When your wig is carefully cared and maintained, it will feel like your real hair when applied.
Wig routine – Spay hair care onto your wig
Especially for wigs made with real hair, you can style the wig with a hair machine or apply chemicals to the hair, but you also need regular care with hair spray. A conditioning spray will help restore your hair and protect it from heat or chemicals. As for wigs made of synthetic fibers, you should limit the styling of your hair because these wigs often do not withstand the effects of heat or chemicals. Nowadays, there are also many types of conditioner available for wigs. When buying, you can ask a counselor  to guide you how to choose the right wig and hair conditioner. This is an essential step in wig routine care!

Wig routine – Comb your wig regularly

Brushing your wig with the right comb will help keep your wig soft, smooth, free from tangles and breakage. Depending on the hairstyle of different wigs such as straight hair, big curls, light wavy hair, you should use the right brush, to avoid curls being lost, damaged curls that prevent hair. still beautiful and natural as at first.
Wig routine – Regularly comb your wig

Hair preservation when not in use

When you are not using your wig, you should preserve it carefully to keep it durable. You should brush your hair smoothly, curl it neatly according to the hairline, then put it in a protective net and store it in a nylon. Avoid exposing your hair to the air as this will cause your wig to become frizzy, tangled, dry and broken.
Wig routine – Store your wig
  If you want to use a wig that is naturally durable, then taking care of the wig after using is extremely necessary. Please take care of it so that when using it, it will bring you radiant beauty. If you are still wondering about a reputable wig selling address, you can consult Messi Hair – where not only quality and variety of wigs are available, but also dedicated to advise you on how to take care of your wig. If you have any questions, please contact us via the information below. Website: Fanpage: Messi Hair Tel: (+84) 973.522.855 Email: [email protected] Address: Room 703, CT3B Building, Me Tri Thuong, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam
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