(Wig knowledge) Can you use heat to style synthetic wigs?

There are a lot of people who are using wigs. However, not every one can answer the question “Can you use heat to style synthetic wigs” Nowadays, more and more women are using synthetic fiber wigs to change their appearance as well as conceal their own shortcomings. In addition to the outstanding advantages that wigs bring to users, this beauty method also contains harms and risks that are less known by people. Therefore, in this article, Messi will compare the advantages and disadvantages of synthetic fiber wigs. At the same time answering the question: ” Can you use heat to style synthetic wigs?” to help you choose the most suitable wig for yourself!

Can you use heat to style synthetic wigs? – Some information about wigs

Wig appeared many decades ago and strongly developed in France in the years (1638–1715). At that time, the wig fashion was widely promoted by the heir son of King Louis 13. At first, the wig’s shape looked rather heavy and less aesthetic, only the aristocracy had the right to own to assert class in society. Today, wigs are completely different from the past and mainly play a role in helping women change their appearance and beautify effectively. A new breakthrough in the wig industry also helps many people to improve a number of life problems such as: scarring, baldness, hair loss, thinning hair, scalp and other defects.
Synthetic wigs and human hair one
There are a lot of kinds of wigs in the market today, which is both convenient and useful. Each kind of wig has its own advantages and disadvantages. Wigs are often divided into categories such as synthetic fiber wigs, human hair wigs, and so on. The most favourite wig is synthetic fiber wigs because of their convenience as well as cheap price.

Synthetic fiber wigs pros and cons

Pros and cons of synthetic wig

Advantages of synthetic wigs

Today, a lot of girls love this synthetic fiber wig because of the following advantages:
  • Synthetic-fiber wigs have a variety of styles and colors, you can easily choose a hairstyle like that and catch up with the times. Plus, you don’t need to style much as these hairs hold up well.
Variety in colors and styles of synthetic wig
  • Because it is made from synthetic fibers, the process of taking care of synthetic fiber wigs is easier.
  • The cost of owning a synthetic fiber wig is very reasonable and affordable.
  • Meticulously manufactured synthetic fiber wigs give a natural look that resembles real hair.

Disadvantages of synthetic wigs

With these remarkable advantages synthetic fiber hair is definitely an option you cannot ignore. But there are some warnings to consider as well. With synthetic fibers that cannot withstand heat, you need to preserve more carefully, especially to avoid the effects of sunlight that make hair become frizzy and unnatural.
Wig get dry, frizzy and tangled because of sunlight
  • Some synthetic fiber wigs do not shine naturally that makes your hair visible immediately.
  • Synthetic-fiber wigs get their colors from chemicals, so you won’t be able to change the color of your hair during use.

Can you use heat to style synthetic wigs?

Synthetic wigs are extremely popular today, but a big question that wig’s users want to know is  “can you use heat to style synthetic wigs?”. Synthetic fiber wigs are divided into two categories: heat resistant and not heat resistant. Except for high-grade hair made of heat-resistant, conventional synthetic wigs have poor heat resistance. If you apply heat tools on the normal synthetic wig, it will damage the wig immediately.
Can you heat style synthetic wigs – Heat damage the normal synthetic wig
Therefore, with synthetic fibers that cannot withstand heat, you need to preserve more carefully, especially to avoid the effects of sunlight that make hair become frizzy and unnatural. Besides that, do not use professional hairdressing tools such as straighteners, multifunction curlers, dryers and similar hairdressing equipment so as to maintain and lengthen the longevity of your wig. =>>> What is a heat resistant wig All the above are the wig knowledge, the pros and cons of synthetic wigs and the answer of the question: “Can you use heat style to synthetic wigs”. Hopefully you can get more useful information. If you have any questions, please contact us via the information below. Website: Fanpage: Messi Hair Tel: (+84) 973.522.855 Email: [email protected] Address: Room 703, CT3B Building, Me Tri Thuong, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam
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