Single drawn hair weave vs double drawn hair weave

Difference between single drawn hair weave and double drawn hair weave

Distinguishing single drawn hair weave and double drawn hair weave makes many customers have difficulty and message to ask Messi Hair. Messi Hair is really happy that customers are interested and come to us for advice and purchase so much. Therefore, in this article, Messi Hair will tell you more about these two types of hair.

The definition of these 2 types of hair weaves

Single drawn hair weave vs double drawn hair weave
Single drawn hair weave vs double drawn hair weave.

What is single drawn hair?

Single hair drawn weaves are hair bundles whose hair is usually drawn from only one donor. Single hair drawn weave has the feature of having multiple lengths of hair. Therefore, this type of wig has a thick hairline but thinner towards the end. This type of hair is usually caused by a variety of donors, it might be adults’ hair, children’s hair, or people with thin hair, …

What is double drawn hair?

Double drawn hair weave is a wig with 100% of the hair has been drawn to a specific length. This hair type is better than the single drawn one because it takes time to choose hairs of equal length. Usually this type of hair comes from many donors, and the quality of their hair is much better. Therefore, double drawn hair is more expensive and also more durable.

Comparison between single drawn hair weave and double drawn hair weave

For a detailed comparison between these two hair weaves, please see the table below.

single drawn and double drawn hair weave hair
Recently, many customers have messaged and asked Messi Hair about how to distinguish single drawn hair weave and double drawn hair weave.

Other frequently asked questions

In addition to questions about the difference between single drawn hair weave and double drawn hair weave, Messi Hair has received many other questions from customers. In this article, Messi Hair will give some answers to the most common questions.

Should I use single drawn hair weave or double drawn hair weave?

Answer: Depends on your needs and preferences. Single drawn hair will look more like your natural hair. With double drawn hair weave, your hair will look thicker and fuller. Both types of hair are easy to style, you can still braid your hair, tie your hair or put accessories on your hair.

Choose the wig depending on your needs and preferences
Choose the wig depending on your needs and preferences.

Does the wig price depend on the length of the hair?

Currently on the wig market there are many different types, from luxury to cheap, but it is difficult for customers to make a choice when they want to buy a beautiful, satisfied wig because they do not know how to determine the quality of the hair based on what factors. But the wig price does not depend on the length of the wig as people often think, but depends on the wig material. They cost from $80 or more for a full head wig. The better the hair material, the higher the price will be.

Which hairstyle suits my face?

Before choosing to buy a full head wig, you should find out what kind of shape your face is? (round, square, oval, diamond, rectangular, heart…).

Define your face shape to choose the best hairstyle
Define your face shape to choose the best hairstyle.

There will be a few examples of hairstyles suitable for each face type that Messi Hair lists below, if you find it reasonable, please try to apply.

  • If you are lucky enough to own an oval face (oval face), you can definitely wear any wig you want.
  • Square faces should choose long curly hairstyles with side bangs or middle bangs.
  • Modern bob hairstyles with shoulder length thin bangs are very suitable for long faces.
  • As for the heart-shaped face, the Japanese hairstyle is a pretty daring choice. It creates a width for the cheeks to help the face become harmonious, you look extremely attractive and personality.

The full head wig that you choose, in addition to matching your face, must also adapt to your lifestyle, people, personality and work. If you are a girl with personality, you should own many different hairstyles, because wearing the same hairstyle will make you boring.

How to buy quality wigs online?

Because you buy wigs online, you will not be able to try the product directly, so you need to know the following information:

  • Size of your skull: Please check what size your skull is (small, medium, large) and then choose the style and color. Try wearing it several times to check the fit and comfort of the wig for at least 15 minutes. Then you will assess whether they are really stable and do not cause any discomfort on the scalp.
  • Determine in advance the length of hair you want: Right from the beginning, you must clearly determine the length of the wig you intend to buy. A wig that is longer than you want is better than a wig that is shorter in length. Because if the hair is longer than you want, when you need to change to another hair model, it becomes easier to trim them to fit the face.
  • Ask the seller to show the product preview video: Please contact the seller, send a message to request advice and request to see the product detail video. Ask the salesperson to take a picture of the inside of the wig cap, which is the most important part of a wig.
Request the seller to see the product detail video before buying
Request the seller to see the product detail video before buying.

You should pay attention to the following details: The wig cap must be designed to be easy to use, the seams must be firm, the excess hair must be neatly trimmed, the hat’s, the pads, the lace inside must be really comfortable, … . These are extremely important factors in the process of choosing to buy a quality female full head wig.

  • Research carefully before buying: Refer to the reviews from previous buyers, check whether this item is purchased by many buyers, how it is commented, are there any complaints, bad comments about the product, or the actual shape after wearing…etc. In addition, you should learn more about the brand and the place of manufacture (you can ask and consult the seller), product information is fully printed on the package. Choose online sales websites that have been around for a long time, reputable and well-reviewed by many people.

How to take care and maintain hair weave so that it is always long-lasting?

When you own a valuable wig, you should look for great hair restorative salons (1-3 months), don’t go your way if you really don’t know anything about it. Study hard to learn more knowledge in books, newspapers and social networks about how to use wigs effectively.

If you have wig problems, don’t hesitate to ask Messi Hair, our staff are always happy to give you some advice on how to change the hairstyle to best suit your face. And don’t forget to regularly check the condition of the wig to have the most appropriate care for it.

We are always here to answer all of your questions and provide whatever you need. Do not hesitate to cantact us.
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