(DIY wig cap)How to creat a new beautiful wig by yourself?

What do you know about DIY wig cap?   Wigs have been around since the ancient days of Pharaoh and have become a lasting staple in the hairdressing industry. If you are newcomers in wearing wigs, perhaps you are wondering whether you need to use wig caps or not. Or maybe you are regular wig-wearers and your wig caps are damaged. Do you desire to know if you can create yourself a new one? Either way, let’s take a look at this article to clarify the two above points. What are the pros and cons of wearing wig caps, and how to make yourself a new DIY wig cap?
DIY dye wig caps

1.   The advantages of wearing wig caps

Some ladies believe that wig caps play an important role in protecting their scalp from being damaged by the wigs. Especially for the ones with total hair loss, wig caps can avoid their sensitive scalp from being irritated. Moreover, wig caps can help you keep the wigs in place throughout the day. If a wig is placed directly onto your bare scalp, it is likely to move or slip up and down. Wig caps provide a layer of friction against the wigs, which helps to grip and makes it beneficial for people with complete hair loss. wig-cap-for-natural-look For those with little to no hair loss, wig caps will ensure that your natural hair is out of sight for. Moreover, they are able to flatten any unwanted bumps so that you can achieve the best natural hair look.

2.   The disadvantages of wearing wig caps

While most wig caps are manufactured with thin materials, they can still add additional weight and heat to your head. Moreover, some wig-wearers find that the band of wig caps to be too restrictive for their head. This, certainly, may make you feel uncomfortable after long hours of having your wigs on. In conclusion, when it comes to: “Should I need a wig cap or not?”, the answer depends all on your personal preference. If a wig cap cannot give you any additional benefits, leave it. In contrast, if wig caps help you achieve what you need for your comfort and look, just go for them. In case you have decided on having one for yourself, let’s learn how to make a new DIY wig cap.

3.   Make yourself a new DIY wig cap

The purpose of using wig caps is to ensure that your natural hair lays completely flat while wearing wigs. This leads to the fact that you will have a more realistic hair look with your wigs on. Creating your own DIY wig cap offers you with more flexibility and proper customs fitting to your head size. So, the question is: How to make a new DIY wig cap? The process of making a DIY wig cap is just a piece of cake with only three simple steps.
  • Step 1: Prepare a nylon stocking and draw it over the crown of your head. Continue pulling it until the opening lands directly at your hairline edge.recycle-nylon-stockings-for-making-DIY-wig-caps
  • Step 2: Take the unsecured portion of the stocking and grasp it about one inch away from your scalp. The aim of this action is to make sure that the wig cap is not too tight for your head.
  • Step 3: Use your other hand to grab the end of the nylon stocking. Then, create a loop by wrapping it around the one inch away from the portion. Keep folding it through the loop and tightly pull both ends in opposite sites in order to create a knot. Lastly, use a pair of scissors to cut the remaining stocking above the knot.
With only three simple steps, you are now having your own fitted DIY wig cap.   For more useful tips related to wigs, please reach us at:
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