Where to find the answer for “How to revive a wig” Synthetic and human hair are the two most popular types of wig that are fond of by many people. For wig-wearers, whether it is a synthetic or a human hair wig, wigs are vital for their daily life. Wearing wigs every single day leads to the fact that your lovely wigs can be damaged accidentally. Like natural hair, each of your wigs needs to be taken care of frequently and properly. Sadly, despite all of your efforts of taking care of the wigs, damages can still occur. Therefore, in this article, Messi Hair will help you find out the answers for: “How to revive a wig?”.

1.   Common problems with the two most popular wig types

How to revive a wig?Especially synthetic wigs, firstly, the most common problem which is usually seen is dryness. After a long time of being used, some synthetic wigs begin to lose their shape and style. Synthetic wigs lack the moisture of real human hair, as a result, the strands become drier day by day. Secondly, kink is the second common problem for synthetic wigs. As this type of wig is made from synthetic fibres, you cannot straighten these kinks out easily. how-to-revive-a-wig Now, let’s move your attention to the human hair type of wigs. Most people choose human hair wigs because of the realistic look they have. Despite the fact that they are real human hair, damages can still occur to them due to various reasons. For examples, sun damage, heat from gadgets or the lack of natural oil, etc.

2.   How to revive a wig with specific problems?

2.1. How to fix a synthetic wig?

In order to rescue dry synthetic wigs, some wig wearers use fabric softener as conditioner. Fabric softener contains chemicals that rebalance the hair electricity, which makes the wigs become softer. This also leads to the fact that the synthetic wigs are now much easier for you to comb. before-and-after-reviving-a-wig For the kink problem, you can try using steam so as to be able to straighten the wigs more easily. The steam will heat the fibres and make them loose. Firstly, locate the wigs into your bathroom then close all the doors and windows. The purpose of this action is to trap as much steam as possible for the process. Then, run hot water from the shower until the room is full of steam. Last but not least, gently brush your wigs with a wide toothed comb or wire wig brush. Make sure that you start the brushing process at the ends of the wigs towards the roots. After finishing the whole process, move your wigs out of the bathroom and transfer them to a cool, dry place

2.2. How to revive a wig with 100% Human Hair?

Although the human hair type offers wig-wearers a natural hair look, it does not have any connections to your scalp. Therefore, it lacks natural oil, which prevents it from being moisturised. Then, how to revive a dry human hair wig? The solution to this human hair wig problem is pretty simple. before-and-after-reviving-a-human-hair-wig Remember to wash and deep-condition your human hair wigs regularly in case you wear it daily or frequently. The average time for you to wash your wigs is between 10 to 12 times wearing them. If you frequently use styling products on your wigs, you will need to wash and revitalize them even more often. The purpose of this routine is to ensure that your wigs are always in their most perfect quality and shape. However, do not shower with your wig on despite the fact that it may seem like a time saver. Owing to the heat of the water from your shower, the netting may be damaged. Moreover, it may break down the bonds which connect the hair to the cap as well. So, now you have discovered the best answer for “How to revive a wig”. Your hair will be more and more perfect More Human Hair Wig is in here For more useful information related to How to revive a wig, please reach us at:
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