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How long do virgin human hair wigs last?

There’s no set time, so how exactly do you know when to change your wig? Virgin human hair wig has always been known for its durability and beauty over time, but they can only be used for a certain time.

How long do virgin human hair wigs last?

It is up to us to properly preserve our hair, and if we use it regularly, it will last 1-2 years, if you use less, you will be able to use 5-7 years.

To make your wig last long, you should buy more specialized spray bottles and combs. 1 wig costs about $ 700 – $ 1000, so we also need to know how to care and preserve it so it can stay beautiful for a long time.

Learn about the signs that identify when you should not use your virgin human hair wig anymore and how to take care and care properly.

4 signs that identify your virgin human hair wigs can no longer be used

Just as food begins to spoil, you will detect signs that your virgin human hair wigs should be “retired”.

Here are 4 signs that your wig is no longer usable:

Your wig no longer maintains the original style

If your wig is no longer in its original state, you should not continue using it.

Many customers who buy wigs wonder how long it will last. But there is exactly no end date for any wig products. Sometimes even though it is a wig with good quality, if you do not use it correctly its shelf life will not last long. Moreover, another important part of determining the longevity of your wig is how you store it.

The hair of the wig is no longer smooth

For your real hair, smooth is a huge factor in signaling health. Smooth hair signifies a well-nourished hair. Like the wig too, you can use products that add extra smooth to your hair like wig hairspray. But, if you have to use these types of products too often, it could be a sign that it’s time for a new wig.

The hair of the wig is no longer smooth
The hair of the wig is no longer smooth.

The ends of the hair are frayed and cannot be restored

Recall how it felt the first time you took a new wig out of the box: The strands were very soft and silky. Now, the wig is dry, frizzy and easily tangled. You have to spend hours a week disassembling them. If the ends of your hair are frizzy, you can treat them by bringing a wig to the store to steam or trim your hair to restore it. However, if the hair is frayed more than half of the hair and reaches the top of the head, it cannot be repaired or repaired. That’s when you need to buy a new wig.

The wig cap is stretched and does not fit properly

A wig should fit snugly without being too tight and squeeze the scalp. If your wig cap has stretched and cannot provide a secure fit, it is no longer usable. So when you realize that you have to adjust the wig’s position regularly throughout the day, then check your wig cap.

Instructions for proper storage of wigs to increase their longevity

Usually people just take good care of their full hair wig when they just bought it for a few days. But that is damaging. Never leave your hair behind while you are using it, now the way to preserve your wig well will not only be good for the quality and durability of your hair, but also make you more beautiful.

Protect your wig while using it

During use, it is necessary to limit the wind blowing in the hair while traveling on the road by different vehicles. Rainwater and intense sun should also be avoided as it makes your hair dry and frayed.

Besides, if you want the wig to not lose its color and smoothness, you should avoid the wig from rain or exposure to the sun. When going out in bad weather or hot sun, you should spray some hair sunscreen to ensure the safety of your wig.

Use hair sunscreen to ensure the safety of your wig when going out in the heat
Use hair sunscreen to ensure the safety of your wig when going out in the heat.

Steps to clean your wig

After finishing the preparation, we will begin washing the hair. You follow these steps.

Step 1: Put cold water in the laundry tub and add shampoo, mix with water.

Step 2: You drop the wig in the soaking tub for 5-10 minutes, just soak it, not mess it. While soaking, you use your hand to stroke and gently massage the hair strands, the area that is in contact with the scalp because this place is susceptible to sweat, oil or dirt.

Step 3: You mix conditioner in another brass and soak your wig with conditioner to keep hair smooth and shiny.

Step 4: Take the hair out of the conditioner, use your hands to gently squeeze the hair vertically to drain, do not squeeze dry or mess because it is easy to mess your hair and lose it.

Step 5: Use a soft towel to absorb water on the hair and dry and let it air dry.

Step 6: When the hair is 70% dry, brush it back with a thin comb to avoid tangling. At the same time, spray on the hair to keep the folds. If your wig is curly, you can apply more gel to keep it curled.

Preserve your wig after use

After you take your wig off, make sure you’ve brushed it into the same fold and hung it on a shelf, or folded it into a storage bag, rather than throwing it indiscriminately in a corner of the room or curling it on a hanger.

Preserving your wig carefully will keep it beautiful and longer
Preserving your wig carefully will keep it beautiful and longer.

If more carefully, after using, you can brush your hair and use a special spray for hair wig, then curl the ends of the hair in, wrap it with a preservative net and put in a plastic bag, tie it tightly. This keeps the hair curled and soft like new.

At the same time, if you intend to travel long distances and take it with you, make sure you know how to curl it up instead of stuffing mess into your bag.

Buying a good wig is hard, keeping them as beautiful as new is even more difficult. But after reading this article of Messi Hair, you pocketed ways to properly preserve and care for your wig to have the longest lifespan.

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