How long does a human hair sew in weave last

How long does a human hair sew in weave last?

Hair weaving is one of the popular hair extensions methods. This way of connecting hair helps increase the length and thickness of the hair in a short time. When using woven hair weave service, you have the opportunity to explore different hairstyles that might not be possible with your natural hair.

Hair weaving
Hair weaving.

For women with hair that is not too thin, a hair-weave option would be a perfect choice without using heat or tape to attach the wig to your natural hair.

What is human hair sew in weave?

Human hair sew in weave is the most advanced line of hair extensions because the ingredients to make this hair extension are real human hair.

The woven hair is fixed to the user’s hair by stitching it into the strands of hair. This method of hair extensions originated in Egypt around 3400 BC, where people used human hair or wool and tied it to the head with beeswax.

Nowadays human hair sew in weave is becoming more and more popular and one of the favorite hair extensions. Sewing directly on the hair will bring a natural beauty and increase the thickness and length of the hair properly.

Human hair sew in weave advantages

The biggest advantage of hair weave in general is that they do not need to use clips or tape to attach to the hair, but directly stitched onto your hair. That is why this hair type is often very durable, suitable even for active people, participating in vigorous activities like dancing. Furthermore the seams are usually quite small, so it is often difficult for people to detect you are using a wig.

Human hair sew in weave
Human hair sew in weave.

Human hair sew in weave adds a natural touch to the hair because it is made from real human hair. All hair extensions made with real hair are easier to care for, less messy, and easier to style.

In addition, here are the reasons you should choose human hair sew in weave:

  • Variety: Like other Messi Hair’s wigs, human hair weave extensions have a variety of length and styles. They are usually between 6 inches and 32 inches in length, suitable for people with different hair lengths. Imagine how long it will take for your hair to naturally reach the length you want. With woven hair, you are completely confident in styling with a variety of hair lengths and stepping out confidently with the hair you want.
  • Safe for your natural hair: Do you know why wigs made from real human hair are considered the best quality hair? Made with 100% natural hair, the wig of your choice will not contain chemicals or synthetic fibers that can potentially irritate your skin or affect your health. Besides, when using human hair weave extensions, you will stitch directly onto real hair, without the impact of heat tools, so completely safe for your real hair.
  • Can be worn 24/24: The plus point for hair weave is that you absolutely can sleep while still wearing it, and the hair weave is also with your real hair root.

How long can the hair be used continuously?

With woven hair products made from natural hair, continue use time can last 4-6 months, even longer if you care and condition your hair properly. With high quality woven hair, you don’t need to worry that your hair will stink when you wash your hair or are exposed to high heat. During use, pay attention to avoid tugging your hair or using a hair dryer at too high a temperature. This will affect the smooth and quality of the hair.

In order to keep hair weave long lasting and beautiful, you need to learn how to take good care of it. Find out below.

How to take care of hair weave

Made from natural human hair, the hair care routine is quite similar when you take care of your hair. During use, you should pay attention not to tangle or brush your hair when wet, causing hair loss and damage.

  • Wash properly: Your hair extensions will always stay glossy if you know the right combination of shampoo, conditioner and water. You should wash your hair in one direction. You massage the shampoo into the hair from the forehead to the back to the roots and then use your fingers to massage the scalp, smoothing it from the scalp to the roots. Then rinse hair with clean water in the same direction. Remember, always brush your hair before shampooing.
Wash your hair properly to keep your hair extensions stay longer and beautiful
Wash your hair properly to keep your hair extensions stay longer and beautiful.
  • Use the right hair care products: Use salon shampoos and conditioners to preserve hair extensions. Sulfate-free hair care products have less bleach and help make your extensions last longer. The sulfates in shampoo products create lather, but are responsible for the dryness of your hair.
  • Gentle brushing: Brush your hair every day with a brush or round brush. Always begin to gently and slowly start brushing from the roots of the scalp to the ends. Hold a brush in one hand, while the other hand hold the scalp gently to prevent hair loss. Always remember to brush your hair before you wash it and never brush it when it’s wet.

Is hair weave heavy for your natural hair?

In fact, hair weave is stitched directly into your natural hair, so it will cause some of the pressure on your natural hair. Hair weave is often suitable for girls whose hair is not too thin, capable of keeping the weight of the hair when tied up.

Is human hair weave expensive?

When compared to synthetic hair wig, it can be seen that the price of natural hair is usually much more expensive. However, products with high quality, bringing beauty that end up being usable for a long time is exactly what you need, right? According to many customers,  hair weave made from natural hair is not too expensive. Invest in products that cost more but deliver effective quality and have a long shelf life, which will definitely win you over, so don’t miss out on human hair sew in weave.

How long does a human hair sew in weave last
Human hair sew in weave is one of the most powerful beauty tricks.

Where to buy human hair weave?

As one of the famous and reputable hair suppliers, Messi Hair can guarantee that the quantity and quality of the woven hair we supply is extremely guaranteed and excellent. Although our brands cannot be as big as those from India or China, many global customers still trust and choose our products.

The truth is that Indian hair is a bit coarse and large while Chinese hair is thin and small. So Vietnamese hair could be the best choice. We guarantee to bring you 100% virgin hair hair products and Remy Vietnam hair products that are healthy, beautiful, smooth and suitable for many people no matter what country they come from.

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