How to deal with hair loss – closure and bundles for men and women

Hair loss is a condition that occurs when the amount of hair that is shedding is more than that of daily growth. Most of the time, hair doesn’t continue to grow, leading to baldness, which occurs very common among men. However, there are ways to cure hair shedding such as medications, hair transplant therapy or laser therapy can be used.

1. Who often suffers from hair loss?

Hair loss may occur on only the scalp or the entire body. The cause is often hereditary, hormonal changes, pathology or unwanted effects of the drug. Anyone can experience hair loss. However, it happens more to men than women. The following people are at an increased risk of hair shedding, including:
  • People who has family members with baldness, possibly father, mother, grandparents or even a relative;
  • The elderly people;
  • People who lose weight fast;
  • People who have certain medical conditions, such as diabetes and skin lupus;
  • People who are under a lot of stress and pressure.
Elderly people often suffer from hair loss
Many cases of excessive hair loss are caused by age, leading to baldness. Genetics is the most common cause of this condition. Some people would rather let their hair lost happen naturally, with no treatment and no way to hide them. Others may conceal the bald head with wigs, ornaments, hats, or scarves. However, many others choose one of these treatments to prevent hair from being lost and restore hair growth.

2. Causes of hair loss

The average person loses about 100 hairs a day, but this is usually not a big deal because new hair will grow in parallel. Thus, hair loss occurs when this hair growth cycle is interrupted or when hair follicles are destroyed and replaced with scar tissue, resulting in more hair loss than daily hair growth.
Causes of hair loss
Hair loss is usually related to one or more of the following factors:
  • Family factor (genetics): The most common cause of hair loss in men is decided by genetics, which causes baldness. Sometimes women also suffer from hair loss by genetics. This problem often occurs in parallel with aging and is nearly predictable in hair morphology over time: for men, bald spots appear on their head and the hair gets thinner and thinner for women.
  • Hormonal changes and pathology: A variety of hormone-related disorders can cause permanent or temporary hair loss, including hormonal changes during pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and thyroid problems. Causes include alopecia areata, a scalp infection such as roundworm infection and a syndrome called “trichotillomania”;
  • Medicines and supplements: Hair loss can be caused by side effects of certain medications, such as cancer medications, arthritis, depression, heart disease medications, high blood pressure, and gout medications;
  • Radiation therapy to the head: Hair is at risk of not being able to regrow as before;
  • Stress: Many people experience heavy hair loss after a physical or emotional shock. This type is only temporary;
  • Some exotic hairstyles and treatments to the hair: It happens when tying the hair too tight, such as braids or cornrows (hair that sticks to the corn-shaped scalp) may be the cause of hair loss. Also, long-term application to hair treatments (such as hot oils) can cause folliculitis, leading to hair loss. If scarring occurs, permanent hair loss will occur.

3. How to deal with hair shedding in men and women

Currently, there are many effective treatments for hair loss in both men and women. You can completely reverse hair loss or at least slow it down. With some medical conditions, such as alopecia areata, hair can regrow without any treatment within a year. Hair loss treatments include medications and surgery to stimulate hair growth and slow hair loss. Hair loss treatments include medications and surgery to stimulate hair growth and slow hair loss. When you notice a lot of hair loss, you need to see a doctor to determine the exact cause, then you can find a way to improve or treat it appropriately. When the cause of the hair loss is not known, patients should not arbitrarily use antifungal, topical or hair loss medications of unknown origin.

Using hair closure and bundles

If you have had a lot of hair loss and want to overcome the consequences of this condition, you can use supportive stuff, such as a scarf or wig. Talk to a hair stylist for more ideas for your “new hair”. These non-medical solutions can be used in long-term hair loss treatments. Wigs are accessories that both help conceal your hair defects and help you beautify your look. Just by using closure and bundles, your hair will be upgraded to a new look.
Wavy hair closure with bundles
If carefully cared for, wigs will have a lifespan of about 5-7 years. Wigs are made of real hair, when the hair is cut from the body that will not be cared anymore, it will dry and break, which is the natural nature of human hair. Wig is a very special beauty accessory. If you want to use it, we highly recommend you to use real and high quality hair. Simply put, buying clothes, a brand name garment will be ten times more expensive than clothes bought from the market. All is determined by the quality of the hair. The American standard wig made of Remy (Remy Hair) is strong, silky, and durable while the cheap products made from hair clippings collected from many sources are usually weak, not silky, lack vitality and degrade very quickly. The grids are also very important, French lace and poly are high quality materials that will not appear in cheap wigs. Hair hook technology is also important. American standard wigs will be hooked at the right density and in a relatively messy fashion that simulates exactly the way real hair grows. Whereas many inexpensive wigs are often labor-saving and the hair has a very low density, hair is hooked in one direction, causing a fake feeling. Many inexpensive wigs don’t even have hair whorls. Investing in hair is a long-term investment, beautiful hair will comfort your thoughts while poor quality hair will always make you lose confidence, worry of being discovered. Plus, for the year-long term, the cost difference is also negligible. We have given you some useful information for how to deal with hair shedding. Do not hesitate to contact us to have more further information Whatsapp/Viber: +84973522855 Email: [email protected] Address: No. 10, Thang Long Mainstreet, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam
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