How to do heatless curl? – Style your hair without heat

Do you know how to do heatless curls? Nowadays, along with the development of technology, a large number of gadgets have been invented to meet human’s needs. Specifically, in  hairdressing industry, there are plenty of gadgets such as hair curling iron, hair straightening iron, etc.

Why do some people want to know how to do heatless curls?

However, these gadgets have one thing in common which is somehow not good or healthy for your hair. The heat of these gadgets was invented with the purpose of changing the texture of your hair the way you want it to be. After a long time using it, eventually, that heat can damage your hair texture. Therefore, today, let’s figure out how to do heatless curls, in other words, style your hair fashionably without any heat.

Using hair rollers – Number one solution for the question: “How to do heatless curls?”

Using hair rollers was a traditional curling technique used before the invention of curling iron. Nowadays, many ladies are still fond of using hair rollers because of its usefulness. That’s why we can say that using hair rollers is the top one solution for “How to do heatless curls?”. using-hair-rollers-overnight All you need is a couple of hair rollers in the size of which suits your needs.
  1. Firstly, open the roller, then, gather a section of your hair and wrap it around the roller. Remember to put the roller at the end of that hair section.
  2. Secondly, begin to roll the hair section toward the roots until it reaches your scalp. Last but not least, gently clip the hair roller closed.
  3. Continuously, repeat the process of applying the other rollers with the rest of your hair.
  4. Then, leave them overnight so that you can wake up and start your new day with those amazing curls.
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Having heatless curls by plaiting your hair

This curling technique has been known and applied by many teenagers recently. The process of having heatless curls by plaiting is quite simple. After shampooing, do not treat your hair with the hair dryer. Let your hair air-dry a little bit then leave it damp so that you can enhance the effect of this curling method. If you want your hair to be curly from the top, plait them in French braid style. For this method, your hair will end up to be looser at the top and become tighter towards the bottom. Otherwise, just plait the bottom of your hair so that it will be curly only at the bottom side. Like the hair rollers method, the braid should be left overnight. The longer you have the braid on, the more hours the curl will stay.

how-to-do-heatless-curls-by-plaiting-your-hairUsing headband as a hairdressing tool to make your hair curly

Curling your hair will become so easy with the usage of a typical headband.This technique is not able to make tight rolls so much as it does loose waves. use-headband-overnight The process of using headband overnight so as to have curly hair is pretty simple as well. Like you normally do, take a stretchy headband and put it on over your head. Take all strands of hair and loop them as many times as needed for your length of hair. After finishing this step, just head to bed and leave it overnight. The next morning, untangle your hair from the headband, then comb your fingers through it in order to separate the curls. Although heat treatments are certainly a quick way to make your hair curly, you should not do it everyday. By answering: “How to do heatless curls?”, we gave you the three easiest methods of having waves without any heat. However, these techniques may not work well for everyone because of the differences in hair texture. To be more specific, these differences will decide the ability to hold the curls. Best of all, using these curling methods can help you protect your hair from being damaged by heat. Find out more effective techniques for how to do heatless curls and styling your hair at Messi Hair. Also, here at Messi Hair, we provide customers with a wide range of choices for wigs. Please contact us via the information below for references.
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