How to make a wig look natural

How to make a wig look natural

You hair might be the first thing people notice when looking at you. So having beautiful hair will brighten your face and make a huge change to your overall look. Some people decide to change their hair by going to the hair salon to get a new haircut while some consider wearing a wig to change their hair quickly.

You don’t want it to look unnatural so others will easily recognize that you’re wearing a wig, though. This article shows you how to make a wig look natural on you.

These are the decades of experience of famous hairstylists, they have summarized the mistakes of customers during the past time and given the best solution to every problem. It will help you avoid problems during using a wig and make the wig look more natural on you. Take a little time to read our articles to have a good experience of using wigs.

So, how to wear a wig effectively, how to make it look natural on you and things you should know when wearing a wig are questions we will cover in this article.

How to make a wig look natural
How to make a wig look natural.
  1. Color match

If you do not want to have an unusual look, you should be extremely careful in choosing the hair color of the wig. The hair on the wig must have the color that closely matches your current hair color.

By doing so, you can own hairstyles that look real and it is difficult for anyone to detect that you are using a wig. It should be known that the color of the hair will also contribute to brightening your face if you choose the right color.

  1. Trim your wig to fit your face

The wig manufacturer makes wigs that are easy to be fixed so that it can fit perfectly on the wearers. So after purchasing a wig, you should make some changes to it. First, try wearing it on your head and look at yourself in the mirror to see if anything should be changed. If you think that the bangs or the hair thickness is not reasonable, you should cut them off or thin them, the hair will look great. Remember, the right hairstyle can completely change your look.

After purchasing a wig, you should make some changes to it
After purchasing a wig, you should make some changes to it.

If you are not an experienced barber, do not do this on a whim, because the finished work can become a disaster. Find a professional hairstylist for advice on how to style your hair and how to wear a wig, they can solve this problem for you in the best way.

  1. Reduce the gloss on the hair wig

Synthetic wigs often have an excessive gloss, so it rather looks fake and unnatural up close. To reduce the gloss, sprinkle a little powder on the wig, then use your hands to massage the powder evenly on the surface of the hair then brush it with a comb. You will be surprised at the difference after doing it, the hair will look more natural. Here’s how you can do it:

Use a brush to dip the powder into the bowl of powder and then put it on your hair, gently shake your wrist so that the powder can evenly cover the hair. To make this quick, we put the powder in a spray bottle. This significantly reduces the gloss on the hair shaft. This tip will be the answer to the question of whether a wig looks natural from a customer who emailed us.

  1. Combine with some accessories

You can add some accessories to the wig such as: a clip, a bow, a headband or wear a lovely scarf. Just add any items you like to create a distinct style. Think about some hairstyles to go with your wig, it will make you excited every time you use it. Do not be too rigid with a fixed hairstyle, this will cause boredom for yourself.

  1. Stay close to your current style

You should choose a wig with the same style as your current hair. This is great, a familiar wig style is enough to make it fit on your head and the process of changing from real hair to wig will be faster and cleaner.

Or if you’re an active girl, you can try fashionable wigs with youthful style and bright colors.

Choose the right hairstyle which fits your personality
Choose the right hairstyle which fits your personality.

Another thing you need to pay attention to is choosing the right hairstyle which goes well with your face shape.

Whether it’s your real hair or a wig, it’s important to know how to choose the right hairstyle for your face shape, this will contribute to your beauty. Some suggestions for you to choose the right hairstyle for your face shape:

  • For a long face shape with bony jawline, the best hairstyle might be a high ponytail to reduce the length of your face.
  • For people with diamond face shape, if you want to look softer and more feminine, you can choose for yourself a wig that is curled and has the desired length.
  • Gentle curls wigs are always suitable for girls with small faces.
  • The girls who have a round, glossy face, a straight shoulder-length hair wig will be the perfect choice. You can also use a wig with a side braid to hide the fat on the neck and face.
  1. Choose the right headframe size

It will be very uncomfortable to wear a wig that does not fit (too wide or too tight for the head), this is really inconvenient for the wearers. The main reason is that the cap size does not match the head frame. This will make the wig look bad when worn (because it’s too tight) or worse, it comes out suddenly (because it’s too wide). Therefore, choosing the right size is extremely important, it is like finding the color and style of the wig that suits your face. Because whether a wig is easy to fall off or will be exposed when wearing will depend on the size of the wig cap.

  1. Choose the right styling tool for the wig

When using a wig, you should invest in beauty equipment such as hair styling tools that allow you to create the hairstyle you like. Choose products that work well on both natural wigs and fiber wigs so you can easily curl or straighten your hair without worrying about it being damaged.

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