Pro and Cons of having shoulder length hair

Let’s together take a look at both positive and negative points of having shoulder length hair It is fun to debut a new appearance by changing your hair length, color or style once in a while. However, considering all the pros and cons before deciding on changing your hair look is important as well. The purpose of this is to ensure that you will not be disappointed or upset after refreshing your hair look. Especially when you want to make any changes to your hair length, remember to spend time thinking  carefully first. Although shoulder length hair is not such an extreme step away from long hair, it still has pros and cons.

1.   The advantages of having shoulder length hair

First and foremost, a shoulder length haircut will never go out of style. In fact, it can be deemed as a “time classic haircut”. If you have a look at the pictures of those popular hairstyles back then, you will see that this type of haircut is always present. This is because this length of hair is usually a universally flattering, low maintenance needed and versatile cut. Secondly, having a shoulder length haircut can be a way of maintenance products savings. For examples, shampoo, conditioner, treatment, etc. Obviously, the shorter your hair is, the less amount of products are needed to keep your hair in good shape. >>> 19+ Famous styles of  hair you shouldn’t miss! Thirdly, this can be considered as an opportunity to get rid of all those unhealthy broken hair or split ends. There are many reasons causing damage to your hair such as drying, styling, dying, brushing, swimming, sunshine, wind, etc. The tips of long hair are certainly older. In other words, it has been exposed to these elements for a longer period of time, which makes it more susceptible to be broken. refresh-your-hair-with-a-new-hair-look

Last but not least, changing your hair look once in a while can be a way to refresh yourself. After cutting your hair to the shoulder length, you will not have to wait too long for it to grow back in case you miss your long hair. Thus, a shoulder length haircut is much less risky if you are not sure whether shorter hair fits you.

2.   The disadvantages of having a shoulder length haircut

It is possible that this type of haircut can make your face look a little bit long or dragged down. Therefore, you should ask the hairdressers for their advice on whether your face shape looks good in a shoulder length haircut. wavy-shoulder-length-hair

Top trending short haircuts for female in 2021 For those whose hair is slightly wavy while it is long, it is likely that the waves will become even more curly when it is shorter. This is owing to the decreased downward pull. Unfortunately, there is no accurate method to know how the structure of your hair will change after cutting. The only way to know is cutting first then analyzing the wave or curl of your hair later.

3.   What to do if you are dissatisfied with your new shoulder length haircut?


In case you have done changing the length of your hair then feel regret of having cut it, try using wigs. Wigs are no longer an accessory used for special occasions like costume parties. Nowadays, wigs can be used daily in order to refresh your look every single day. There are various different wig types and colors in the market, which provides you with a wide range of choices. You can try wearing a wig if you ever miss your long hair or just simply regret right after cutting it too short. See the best-selling Human Hair Wigs  Here at Messi Hair, we are proud to be one of the best wig suppliers in Vietnam. We are now offering worldwide shipping service from Vietnam to every part of the world. Please contact us via the information below for further references and purchasing.
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