The reasons of hair shedding and solutions you must know

Hair shedding is an extremely serious problem that not only women but also men are facing with. It causes a lot of bad results such as bad looking hair, stress, in-confidence…So, why is your hair shedding? This is a questions that a lot of people need answer for it. And, how to solve is more important Reasons of hair shedding – You have not known about!

Hormonal imbalances is the first reason of hair shedding

That is a natural law for human beings. Age is the main cause of aging. The hair also gradually becomes weaker and lacks vitality. The hormones estrogen and testosteron also decline. All of the above creates messy, split ends. This occurs in premenopausal women and middle-aged men.
Hair shedding in women is a serious problems
Solution: However this is the law of nature, but there is a solution. You can completely overcome this situation by taking good care of your health. You need to supplement all vitamins and minerals necessary for the body. In addition, exercise regularly, eat and sleep on time, reduce stress and negative environmental factors that can harm your hair.
Going to bed on time is one of the best ways to make your hair good

Lack of vitamin H (Biotin) and Vitamin B5 causes hair shedding

Do you know where hair nourishing nutrients come from? More than 95% of that nutrient comes from the blood. Vitamin H and Vitamin B5 are two indispensable nutrients for healthy and unbroken hair. This indicates that healthy hair is well-supplied with vitamin H and vitamin B5. That is also why women who are on a diet or who have just experienced an illness are people with hair shedding problems.
Vitamin B5 is good for your hair
Solution: Of course, the solution has to be done from the cause. You need a supplement or vitamin B5 and vitamin H if you want your hair to become smooth, strong and not breakage right now. These two vitamins can be taken as an oral pill or as a supplement. But the best and simplest way is to supplement your daily menu with a variety of vegetables, fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin B5 and vitamin H. This makes it even more exciting than looking at the naked pills.
Vegetables is so rich in Vitamin B5

Using medicine to treat disease

Everyone knows that antibiotics are the enemy of hair. Therefore, people who are in the process of being treated for a certain disease must take many different antibiotics. That is why their hair has been used so much. Medications that have stolen hair nourishment are anticoagulants, immunosuppressants, antivirals, or drugs for mental illness
Drugs are so bad for your hair
Solution: Do not worry too much because at the end of the treatment, your hair will gradually recover. Besides, all you need to do is continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle, supplement with foods that contain vitamins that are good for the hair.

Put too much pressure on your hair

Hair styling is extremely familiar to both women and men. You can dye your hair, bleach it, curl it or manipulate it in any way. This causes the hair cuticle to be damaged, shrink, and the hair strands removed one by one. Working on your hair too often can seriously harm your hair health, even though it gives you a sense of personality and a sense of confidence.
Hair is damaged seriously
Solution: You can still create beautiful hairstyles for yourself but don’t use too much chemicals on your hair. In addition, take good care of your hair with shampoo, conditioner or essential oils to make it softer and healthier. Alternatively, you can massage your scalp in salons, which also makes it easier to relieve stress

Stress cause Hair loss/Hair shedding

Have you ever wondered that the times when we are stressed are when our bodies have the most problems. In particular, the use of hair was never absent in those times. When stress persists, hair shedding becomes more severe. The immune system loses control, causing white blood cells to attack the hair follicles, causing severe hair loss
Stress always causes hair shedding and loss
Solution: Relax and rest after stressful working hours. You need to ignore the sad stories, keep yourself mentally comfortable, eat and supplement enough nutrients for your body and hair. A good mental habit will make your hair visibly stronger.

Hair use due to genetics

Genetic factors usually appear in men, women rarely affected by genetic factors.

Bad blood circulation – poor blood quality makes hair shedding

Did you know that when blood circulation is not good, poor blood quality will not be able to give your hair enough nutrients. As a result, your hair is lifeless and dry.
Good blood makes strong hair
Solution: You should eat well, supplement enough fiber and vitamins good for the blood. In conclusion, hair shedding is a very serious problem. It not only affects the beauty, but also affects the spirit, even affects your work. Please solve this problem fastest to gain confidence in your life. For more information about hair and how to have beautiful natural hair, contact us Website: messihair.com Whatsapp/Viber: +84.973.522.855 Email: [email protected] Address: Room 703, CT3B Building, No.10 Thang Long Mainstreet, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam
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