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Understand raw hair and virgin hair

Vietnam has long been a leading source of premium hair extensions, famous for the quality and texture, especially raw and virgin hair. 

Characteristics of Raw Hair

Raw hair refers to hair extensions made from human hair that has not been processed or chemically treated in any way. It is often considered the highest quality hair extension available due to its natural texture, strength, and longevity. Here’s an in-depth look at raw hair:

Unprocessed: Raw hair is in its most natural state. It hasn’t been subjected to chemical treatments such as dyeing, perming, or relaxing.

Cuticle Alignment: The hair cuticles are intact and aligned in the same direction. This alignment helps prevent tangling and ensures the hair looks smooth and natural.

Durability: Because it hasn’t been processed, raw hair is typically stronger and can last longer than other types of hair extensions, often lasting up to two years with proper care.

Versatility: Raw hair can be styled and colored just like natural hair. It responds well to heat tools and can be dyed, straightened, or curled without significant damage.raw hair

Common raw hair sources include:

  • Indian Raw Hair: Known for its thick, coarse texture. It is highly sought after for its ability to hold curls well.
  • Vietnamese Raw Hair: Typically straight and smooth with a silky texture. It is durable and can be easily styled.
  • Cambodian Raw Hair: Coarser than Vietnamese hair, with a natural wave or curl. It’s known for its strength and resilience.

Characteristics of Virgin hair

Virgin hair refers to human hair that has never been chemically processed or treated in any way. This means it has not been dyed, permed, bleached, or chemically altered. Virgin hair is highly sought after for its natural appearance, durability, and versatility.

Characteristics of Virgin Hair:

  • Unprocessed: The hair is completely natural and has not undergone any chemical treatments. This retains the hair’s original texture, color, and quality.
  • Cuticle Alignment: The cuticles are intact and aligned in the same direction, which helps to prevent tangling and ensures a smooth, shiny appearance.
  • Source: Typically sourced from a single donor, ensuring consistency in texture and color throughout the bundle.

raw hair

Types of Virgin Hair

Virgin hair is often categorized by its origin, as hair from different regions can have distinct textures and characteristics:

  • Brazilian Virgin Hair: Known for its full body, bouncy curls, and versatility. It’s a popular choice for its thickness and durability.
  • Peruvian Virgin Hair: Lighter and coarser than Brazilian hair. It blends well with natural hair and provides a voluminous look.
  • Malaysian Virgin Hair: Silky and smooth with a natural shine. It’s heavier than Indian hair and holds curls well.
  • Indian Virgin Hair: Known for its fine texture and natural luster. It is versatile and can be easily styled.
  • European Virgin Hair: Typically finer and less dense than other types. It’s great for those looking for a more lightweight and silky texture.

Let’s make a comparison between “raw hair” and “virgin hair” 

  • Raw hair: it’s collected from adults, can be mixed by 2-3 persons. This is unprocessed hair, no chemical hair. This kind of hair can be bleached into color number #27 or #613 Asian, because it’s mixed by hair from many donors, sometimes it cannot have exact colors like the customer’s preference.
  • Virgin hair: Or we can call it “baby hair”, it’s collected from only 1 person who is a virgin girl or a baby girl. Therefore, the quality of this hair is top-notch, the highest quality among others, people can use it to bleach into whatever colors they want, even the lightest color like color number #12.0.

Talk about Vietnamese raw hair companies

  • The allure of Vietnamese raw hair lies in its quality. Naturally strong, thick, and with a beautiful sheen, it comes in a range of textures – straight, wavy, and curly – to suit every style.  
  • AZ Hair: Renowned for their natural raw hair, virgin hair extensions, and commitment to ethical sourcing.
  • CYHAIR: Specializes in top-quality human hair extensions, including lace wigs and tape-in extensions.
  • Messi Hair: provides high quality hair extensions for many vendors around the world. This company is famous for high quality bulk, weft hair extensions and wigs. Natural wavy hair extensions

Virgin raw hair bundles

The magic of virgin raw hair lies in its purity. Unlike many other extensions, this hair hasn’t been treated with harsh chemicals or dyes. It remains in its natural state, retaining its inherent strength, shine, and texture. This translates to several key benefits:

  • High Quality: Virgin raw hair has exceptional strength and durability. With proper care, these extensions can last for years, making them a worthwhile investment.
  • Natural Versatility: Since the hair is untreated, it can be colored, styled, and curled easily. This allows customers to experiment with different looks.
  • Healthy Hair: Virgin raw hair is gentler on your scalp compared to processed extensions. This minimizes annoyance and promotes overall hair health.

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