What are the things to know before getting hair extensions?

Hair extension is a beauty method that is being used widely nowadays. This method helps us lengthen our hair easily and quickly. So what hair extensions is and what to know before getting extensions. Do not hesitate, let’s find out the answer right here!

Should we have hair extensions?

Hair extensions are a very simple way to achieve your desired long hair in a few seconds. This beauty method has actually appeared for a long time in history and now it is being used very widely all over the world.
Hair extensions is widely used today
The need for hair extensions is huge, not only for young people but also for adults or older people. For those who are less interested in hair aesthetics, it is possible to know less about hair extensions and may also be worried about whether to have hair extensions? Is having hair extensions harmful to our health? What to know before getting hair extensions? Basically, if you are made by experienced professionals, with good premises then you can be assured of safety and aesthetics. If you have a need and have financial conditions, you just need to have your hair connected as desired, no need to worry. Note, if you are having scalp problems such as: scalp fungus, you should not have hair extensions. Make sure your scalp and hair are completely healthy and clean before connecting your hair.

What are the things to know before getting hair extensions

Hair extensions damage natural hair, right or wrong?

The answer is the hair extensions do not damage the natural hair. If there is only a very small part of the joint, almost negligible.

What hair care products should be used after hair extensions?

Hair extensions need to be cared for more and more often than your natural hair. Therefore, you will also need to invest in more hair care products.
Hair care products for hair extensions
Shampoos and conditioners are the two most essential. You should choose the one with high humidity and not too strong bleach. Besides, you can use additional hair treatment cream, used periodically once a week.

What color for hair extensions should be chosen?

Depending on the favourite and style you want, you can choose the color for your hair extensions. However, if you want the most natural looking hair that is suitable for all circumstances, you had better choose a hair extension that closely matches your real hair color.

Which hair extensions method should be chosen?

There are many different methods of extending hair. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages with different prices. Besides, choosing a hair extension method depends on your current hair length, hairstyle needs and daily life (level of physical activity, living environment, and so on). In general, you will need to visit a hair salon for direct consultation and selection.
Which hair extensions method should be chosen

What to know before getting extensions – How long can hair extensions last?

The longevity of hair extensions depends on many factors: the method of connecting the hair, the way you take care of the hair, etc. In general, it is about 3 months on average.

What to know before getting extensions – Is it possible to have hair extensions at home?

It’s okay to have your own hair extensions at home, but you should need an assistant and a full set of tools to do it. However, it is also quite difficult and takes a lot of time if you are not a pro.

How long must real hair be at least to have hair extensions?

Real hair needs to be at least 10cm long to be able to connect and stay as long as possible.

Can hair extensions be pulled or braided?

Your hair extensions can be pulled or braided but it should be limited as this can cause hair to be fallen. It is best to leave hair loose naturally or tie it lightly behind.

What to know before getting extensions – How much does hair extensions cost?

Depending on the method of hair extensions, the amount of hair extensions and the base of the hair you choose to apply. The cost ranges from 2-6 million VND / time.

How to wash hair after having hair extensions?

You should brush your hair before washing your hair, use shampoo with high moisturizing properties and avoid using conditioner close to the scalp because it makes hair extensions easy to slip, fall out and cause head fungus. At the same time limit vigorous massages and use hot water when washing your hair.
How to wash hair extensions
All the above are  “What are the things to know before getting hair extensions?”. Messi hopes that you have known more useful information. If you have any questions, please contact us via the information below. Visit our website to see more hair weave styles and hair extension Website: messihair.com Tel: (+84) 973.522.855 Email: [email protected] Address: Room 703, CT3B Building, Me Tri Thuong, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam
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