Getting to know more about the history of wigs

Have you ever wondered about the history of wigs? Today wigs are an indispensable part of life. Not only does it change the girls’ appearance in a split second, it makes them become more confident in themselves. So let’s learn about the history of wigs in this article!

History of wigs – when did the wig originate?

Wig was used as a substitute for real human hair before, it has existed for a long time in ancient history. The man of the tribe sought to decorate wreaths, leaves, animal feathers or feathers to make himself look like ferocious and powerful animals. This is the first wig that humans invented, gradually hair has changed over the centuries and developed until today.
The first wig that humans invented

History of wigs – Where did it begin?

In ancient Egypt, children before reaching adulthood would have all their hair cut off, then presented to the gods as a show of respect. The nobility used it for decorating and distinguishing from the lower class. They can wear many different wigs at the same time in a day.
History of wigs – Egyptian wig
The wig was quite classic at the time but they are completely expensive. As they are made with real human hair. They attached long red feathers from the fire phoenix to become more splendid and noble. By the mid-third millennium BC, Egyptian wig fashion spread to the Far East and Mediterranean. Persian kings often wore wigs of similar shape so it was easy to confuse them with Egyptians. This fashion continued to encroach on ancient Greece and became a phenomenon, where wigs were often used in theatrical plays. It is quite interesting at this time, the color of the wig is also used to distinguish the status, personality and profession of people in society. The brightly colored wigs were exclusive to the prostitute class and the original black wigs were judged for honesty and courtesy.

Why did judges have to wear wigs in the last century?

King Louis 14 was the first pioneer to use the wigs after they were banned by church. At that time, he made a special decision, ordering everyone under him to wear wigs during their trials. They completely obeyed the orders absolutely, made the name Louis XIV famous and this is a period of strong development in the history of wigs. To make it easy to distinguish, he designed his own logo for his assistant and entourage. The subordinates will wear a wig named “Lag Dog” and “Poodle”, which will be smaller than King Louis’ hair.
King Louis 14
For self-care men, they own at least three wigs to change in a day. For example, wear black hair in the morning, red in the middle of the day, and softer colors for the evening. In case, if you do not own a white wig, you can use flour to sprinkle it on your hair and then rub it well. At that time, France had become the center of wig production in Europe. The most valuable wig is called “Allonge”, the main material is the hair of a blonde woman. They cost up to 3000 gold, only royal members have the privilege of using this hair.
Wig for royal only – Allonge

History of wigs – How does it develop today?

Now wigs are much different, convenient to change your shape quickly. It gives everyone confidence when suffering from some defects such as baldness, thinning hair, … The product can solve this problem most effectively. In addition, they also contribute to a better life. Wearing a suitable wig will make your face more balanced and neat. =>>>101 Styles of Wigs and Hair pieces in 2021
The wigs today
Thus, the issue of the history of wigs has been summarized in this article.   Hopefully the appearance of these wigs will help our life become more and more beautiful. If you have any questions, please contact us via the information below. =>>> Human hair wigs can be styled and bleached
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