How to swim with a wig on without damaging it?

Nowadays, we use a wig as a useful tool in our daily life or on special occasions. Image that you are planning for your annual vacation and want to go swimming with a wig on. Have you got the right way to do that? Do not hesitate to find out a way of how to swim with a wig on without damaging it.

How to swim with a wig on? – Can or can not

To be honest, you should not put on a wig when you go swimming. Because the water of the pool and ocean contains chemicals and salt, which can make your wig tangled, matted and shorten its longevity as a result. To be more clear, you can see that the pool water contains chlorine and the ocean water includes salt. These factors make your wig dried and frizzy as they have stripped your wig moisture. They will make a human hair wig matted and split ends. If there is a synthetic one, they will make it tangled and irreparable. So this one means we have no way to swim without damaging our wig, right?
Salt in ocean water and chlorine in pool water make your wig dry and frizzy
The answer is not yet. Though the water in the pool and ocean can damage your wig, you do not want to skip a wonderful part – swimming. So let’s jump into the tips to swim with a wig on without damaging it!

How to swim with a wig on? – Tips to do that

If someone gets hair loss naturally or balding overall, it’s understandable why they want to swim with a wig on. Though this is not a good decision for your wig health, you can follow these tips to both minimize wig damagement and prevent any problems happening when swimming with a wig.

How to swim with a wig on? – Use waterproof glue or tape

One of the most important things when wearing a wig to swim is fixing your wig with waterproof tape or glue. This will help your wig to be more durable, fixed and not to slip off while swimming.
Use waterproof glue for wig when go swimming
You have already used a waterproof tape or glue for your wig when swimming, however, if it were too little and your wig slipped off, so ashamed! To prevent that nightmare, you should not only fix your wig with a high quality waterproof tape or glue but also bring more glue beside you in case your wig falls out. At the same time, you had better use a waterproof swimming cap and keep your wig away from the water as far as possible.

Do not wearing your favourite wig

As we have known about the bad effects when wearing a wig to swim, it is obviously not a good idea to bring your favourite one when you go swimming. You should use a cheaper wig, which you wear less often to wear to go swimming. Using an old wig or a cheaper wig that you do not mind damaging, you will be less stressed about your wig and spend more time relaxing.

Braid your wig after swimming

When the wig gets wet, it is easy to get fragiled, so it needs to be handled properly to prevent being damaged. So after swimming, your wig will get wet but you do not know what to do with it. Just simply braid it since it will better protect your hair, avoid tangled and matted.
Braid your wig after swimming
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Conditioner your wig after swimming

As the water in the pool and ocean will make your hair dried and damaged, you have to deep conditioner your hair after swimming to protect and repair it.
Deep condition your wig after swimming to repair it
Deep conditioner is extremely great to moisturize your wig. Use conditioner products for your wig to repair your wig and lengthen its lifespan. At the same time follow the supplier’s instruction to care for your wig properly to make it better and last longer. =>>> Click here to know how to make wig last longer All the above are how to swim with a wig on without damaging it that you should not ignore. If you have any questions, please contact us via the information below. Website: Fanpage: Messi Hair Tel: (+84) 973.522.855 Email: [email protected] Address: Room 703, CT3B Building, Me Tri Thuong, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam
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