(Hair care) nourishing hair properly with hair oil

Blow-drying, curling or straightening are likely to be in many people’s hair care routine nowadays. In fact, these are among the reasons why your hair is dry and broken. In today’s article, Messi Hair will provide you with the tips for nourishing hair with oil, so that it will no longer be dry and damaged. >>> 10 reasons of hair shedding/hair loss you should know

1.   Nourish hair with oil

In order to keep your hair moisturized, you should avoid using shampoo and conditioner with harsh synthetic chemicals. These products are bad for hair since they strip the hair and scalp of natural oil produced by hair follicles. It leads to dry scalp and hair due to lack of moisture. Therefore, first of all, try not to wash your hair too frequently as nourishing hair if you want it to be healthy and shiny. In case your hair is still dry although you have already minimized the frequency of shampooing, it is likely to be the result of other factors. For example, the dry climate where you are living, hot styling products, chemical styling methods. To refresh your hair, we recommend  nourishing hair with some natural oils. These oils help to hydrate the strands and scalp.
Nourish your hair with some natural oils
Below are the most common oils that are usually applied for dry hair.
  • Coconut oil: Helps to add shine to your hair and is claimed to be essential for the scalp health.
  • Olive oil: Makes the hair soft with its emollients such as squalance and oleic acid.
  • Avocado oil: The fatty acids in avocado oil help to repair dry or damaged hair by protecting the scalp from environmental factors.
  • Almond oil: Softens the hair with its emollient qualities that protect and keep the hair moisturized.

2.   Massage the scalp with oil

Using oil for scalp massage
According to experts, scalp massage is believed to stimulate hair growth. It plays an important role in nourishing hair. You can treat yourself at home with this method since it is quite simple. Take out a few drops of oil to your fingers, and gently massage your scalp with it. This process helps to treat dandruff or dryness, reduce hair loss, discourage premature graying, and also make your tresses shinier.

3.   Deep-condition your hair with olive oil

You can use various types of carrier oils, but olive oil is among the easiest and cheapest to find when it comes to nourishing hair. Moreover, it is claimed to work well on thick hair. After massaging the oil into your scalp and hair, leave it in for about 30 minutes. You can use a comb to help the oil saturate thoroughly the strands. To totally maximize the advantages of the technique, wrap your hair with a warm towel to ensure that the oil stays warm. Alternatively, you can spend around 15 minutes in the sauna. The last step is to rinse your hair carefully with clean water. Now, you are able to have your shiny, desired hair look.

4.   Apply oil when styling

Styling methods may cause damage to your hair. To reduce the risk of being dry and broken, nourishing hair with oil before and after the styling process is essential.
Apply oil before and after styling
  • Pre-styling: Apply one or two pumps of oil to damp or dry hair before going in with any styling tools to tame frizz. The oil will help to tame your flyaways and give you the smoothest of finishes. If you want to optimize the effect of these oils, use a wide-toothed comb to gently distribute the product throughout your hair.
  • Post-styling: After you have done with styling your hair, add some more oil to give your look extra shine and gloss. The purpose of this method is to add a vibrant finishing touch to your hair. Also, it will help to tame any fine flyaways and give your hairstyle that final polish. We suggest that you should rub the oil into your palms first, then apply it to the ends of your hair. This is one of the best ways of nourishing hair
We have shown you the ways of nourishing hair naturally. Hope that you can take care of your hair well at home. For more useful tips related to hair and wigs, please visit us via the information below.
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